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Bridgetta Tomarchio


Bridgetta has made her way to the top as an International. Star, and she was the 2013 Harley Davidson Cover Model. Bridgetta was widely known for her late night infomercials as the “Extenze” Spokesgirl. She had a hilarious costarring role on Showtime’s hit show, “Californication,” on season 3. You can catch her most recently starring in “The Ideal Husband” (GMC), “Walk A Mile In My Pradas,” (won Spirit Award), and in “6 Nonsmokers,” now on Amazon Prime.

A huge advocate for charities, Bridgetta participates in the yearly “Reality Rally” –An Amazing Race for Michelle’s Place Breast Cancer Charity. She placed First Place Female and 10th overall out of 713 people in Realit Rally’s Mud Run for StandUptoCancer, and participates in the Spartan Races for police charities. She is also the spokesperson for “Chicago Academy of Music” which benefits the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center for Abuse.

Her fan base has grown exponentially watching her adventures on the DirecTV hit show, “Project My World”, where Bridgetta’s escapades included skydiving over the Great Barrier Reef, racing V8 cars, jumping off Kawarau Bungy Bridge, as well as a ton of other crazy stunts.

Bridgetta demonstrated her survival skills in Ted Nugent’s television series, “WANTED: Ted or Alive,” forging through the wilderness; she even hunted for wild boar and deer, and killed and grilled her own live chicken!

Possessing Beauty and Brawn this experienced model, host, and actress, was also the face of AXE Bodywash online. The athletic brawn side of Bridgetta has taken her from being a former Britney Spears back-up dancer, to Quarterback in “The Lingerie Bowl", she even had police and pilot training, co-piloted a WWII plane! “Good Morning America” did a piece on her as “The Queen of Late Night TV.”

Stepping away from her busy entertainment life, Bridgetta has also gone back to school. She is now a certified Massage Therapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Yoga Instructor-200RYT, Herbalist, Aromatherapist, and Nutritionist. She is working on her 500 RYT Yoga Training, and has developed a new type of yoga to help heal others, wherever you are on your path!

Bridgetta was the am morning show host for several years on LA Talk Radio with Sam in the Morning. They had a very successful show. Bridgetta is very excited to come back on radio with Gail for Soul Sisters.

Gail Thackray


At forty I suddenly “woke up” and became a Medium. That is, connecting with spirits on the other-side. I do believe that we are all mediums and we can all do this. That there is a whole world around us and once you open up there are many ways you can use this connection. You can receive messages from loved ones, hear your guides and increase your intuition. You can manifest more easily and even talk with animals. My passion is to teach people and to help them “open” in whatever way is perfect for them.

I am a Reiki Master and I teach Reiki workshops for Beginner-Master. I do distant Reiki attunements and psychic attunements. I wrote my own series of Reiki books and DVDs that are used by many Reiki Practitioners. Check them out: Click Here.

I made a connection with the great Brazilian healer John of God. (Dr. Wayne Dyer told Oprah that he cured him of cancer). I now take groups to see John of God in Brazil, and take distance healing requests to John of God, as well as bringing blessed crystals from John of God back with me. Check out my book, “Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journeys: Visiting John of God,” and DVD “John of God: Just a Man.”

As a medium I use my intuition to “see” ailments within people and then I use a mixture of Reiki and other spirit connection to switch their energy and help people receive a healing. I teach spiritual healing and often do demonstration cutting cords and healings on stage. Distant healings I do for physical, emotional & financial issues.

I believe mediumship is the key to opening a connection to the otherside. I use mediumship in all my work. I sometimes teach workshops on mediumship and developing a connection to spirit. Check out my newest book “Freaky Life moments: A Medium’s Path to the Psychic World.”

Once you open up to the spirit world and get messages from the otherside you can also get messages from animals. This works with animals in spirit but also those alive. I do distance healing for animals as well as teach Animal Communication workshops and have written a book, “How to Talk to Your Pets: Animal Communication for Dogs Cats & Other critters.”

When you develop mediumship you can receive messages from your guides more clearly and manifest more easily. I teach workshops on manifesting abundance and empowering your life. Check ouy my book “30 Days to Prosperity: A Workbook to Manifest Abundance.”

I also write and teach about many other aspects of spirituality such as: Angels, Guides, Orbs, Soul Purpose, UFOs, ETs, Past Lives, Clearing Energies, Shamanism, Power Animals/Totems, Ghosts, Forward Memory, Numerology and much more.

I am traveling around the world speaking about mediumship, healing and Manifesting. I also teach workshops and retreats. Come join me!

I'm very excited to be on air with my Soul Sister, Bridgetta!

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Inspiring others to reconnect to their inner self, finding the magic that resides inside them. A show about health, happiness, spirituality, and expanding one's mind to higher consciousness.

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