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What do I say about myself on my own website? Wait, I could say anything I want: it's MY website! For the sake of good radio I won't tell you my entire life story here. Instead, I invite you discover who I am and what I'm about on the air. Rather than tell you, I'll show you. What drives me is an insatiable curiosity to know and do everything. And then pass on what I have learned to other people. Does that sound like someone who ought to be in radio?


In the past twelve years I have had several co-hosts, each great in her own way. It's amazing how I have evolved on the air and the different directions I have taken over the years. I thank all of the listeners who have followed me through the various incarnations of my morning show, the reason this radio station was conceived.

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Mia Doran


Mia Doran is very excited to be on LA Talk Radio as the co-host of Sam in the Morning with Mia.
Her first time on the show was as a guest promoting the live show, Pieces (of ass).  So she has experience with being on both sides of the microphone. 
Originally from Chicago, Mia’s goal was to move to Los Angeles so she graduated from high school a year early, then graduated from college and moved in 2010, at the age of 19. She has kept busy working on various TV shows like Zeke & Luther, Mad Men, How I Met Your Mother, Desperate Housewives, Community, Suburgatory, and as Executive Producer and lead of the movie DEAD GIRLS
Starting acting at the age of 9, she was cast as a performer in the American Girl Theater in Chicago as well as other theater roles.  She has also graced the covers of magazines, billboards, and posters.
Having worked as a producer, actress, model, singer, and dancer she can now add radio co-host to her resume.  Just proof that if there is an opportunity Mia will go for it.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00am - 11:00am
Show Description: 
Live from Los Angeles every weekday morning (10-11AM PST), Sam and Mia bring you the most entertaining and irreverent show on talk radio. SAM IN THE MORNING with MIA serves a variety of the day's topics with funny and smart commentary, as well as a look into our lives. The show features a breadth of amazing guests and callers to keep you entertained. Enjoy your morning at the office with spicy talk and call in live and chat with us on the air.

Show Archives

February 2014


January 2014


Justin Bieber is busted for drugs, alcohol and street racing in Florida, and smiles in his mugshot. We are joined by actress Lindsay Seim, who replaced another guest at the last minute, and proves to be fun and talented. We learn about Nebraska, where not many people move to LA.


The upcoming Superbowl starts of the show, with Denver and Seattle going for the championship. American Hustle is popular, but Sam didn't like it. We are joined by Dan Warner, an actor who's been pursuing his career in Hollywood. Dan is also a photographer that focuses on fine art nudes.


While half the country is covered in snow, but Angelenos complain about allergies and dry skin. We get Mia's car started without outside help, although we get an idea from a stranger. We are joined by Hollywood publicist Rod Harrell, who has very interesting things to say to aspiring talent who try to make it in this town.


We are having what they say is the worst drought ever recorded. Today is MLK Day and the streets are empty. Sam recaps his trip to Vegas over the weekend and his experience at the AVN convention. We speak to LA Talk Radio host Susan Schofield about the gloomy state of mental health care in the U.S.


Sam feels lucky after losing his phone and finding it intact. The dry weather is getting to everyone in LA. Sam is going to the AVN adult convention in Vegas. Mia thinks the trophies at the awards show should be big penises. Is she getting exposed to too much porn on this show? We are joined in the studio by photographer Peter Baratti, who picked gorgeous women as the object of his work. Fun? What do you think?


LA is going through a serious drought and everything is dry around here. Mia and our guest from yesterday, Erica, go to breakfast together and carry on a girly conversation. We are joined in the studio by the beautiful Rosslyn Pacheco, a radio host and wellness expert who is also an image consultant that helps put people together.


Golden Globes are not significant to us, so neither of us watched it. We are joined by Erica McLean, a friend of Sam's who has had an interesting life. Erica is a photographer, director and producer of adult films. Erica and her late husband started the adult video series "Barely Legal."


Theories about why waking up tired is unpredictable. Weird dreams. Mia likes hockey. We are joined by Michael Addison, a recording artist who moved from Philadelphia to pursue a career in music.


We're back and Mia stays on! So we're ready to continue to entertain you together in the new year. Mia tells about her trip to frozen Chicago, and we're glad to be in the sunshine. We are joined in the studio by Rock Gurney, a friend of Mia's who came to LA to launch a career.

December 2013


It's Mia's last day and it's bitter-sweet. Sam's observation about men drooling over Mia. We are joined by JulieAnne O'Connor, who wrote the book "Spelling It Out For Your Man." We spend the show talking about relationships and dating.


Cold pizza for breakfast is not for everyone. What would you do with $100 million in winnings from the lottery? We are joined in the studio by Mia's friends, Damon Kelly, who is a professional musician and leader of the band "Love and Revenge," and David Condon, who likes to throw wild parties.


Mia is under the weather and struggles with swallowing cold pills. Sam has a nightmare story with a dentist. We are joined by Mia's friend Mike O'Hearn, who is a famous bodybuilder and actor. Listen to his fascinating story being one ten children and moving out to become a bodybuilding star.


We are announcing Mia's last week on the show. She is looking forward to a flourishing career in modeling. Being around tall people. We speak to Saniyyah Mayo about abuse and competition in the family, and her book, "Identifying and Breaking the Cycle."


Scary movie talk. Mia witnesses a car accident. We are joined by Chris Rudd, an emerging musician who brought us a toy for tots, and Yvette, his publicist of YM & Associates.


Sam goes to a toy drive fundraiser in Hollywood with all the beautiful people and reconsiders going to clubs. Beautiful women never pay for drinks. Duh? We are joined by Yael Benamour, who has a record company with a unique business model, Your Music Company. She brings in two of her top artists, Stef DM and Georgie Jane.


Getting ready for the holidays. The world of modeling. We are joined by Daniel Forouzan, and interesting LA attorney who does plaintiff litigation, which involves a lot of arguing.


The Bears beat the Cowboys on Monday night, proving Dallas has not been America's Team for a long time. We are joined by Mark Lester, who has produced and directed various films, including "Commando" and "Firestarter."


A little movie talk after the Hunger Games sequel breaks records. When women donate their eggs. Mia wears a leopard Onesy to a party. More about Burlesque dancing. We are joined in the studio by actors Skeet Ulrich and Amelia Jackson. Both have produced a film called "Point Mugu."


The life of single girls in LA. Nobody walks in LA. We speak to Dr. Charles Rawling, who wrote a book on relationships called "It Really Is That Complicated." He discusses power struggles in every relationship and how to deal with them.


Santa is a scary dude. Mia discovers the ideal headphones. Amazon is considering using drones to deliver packages. We are joined in the studio by DJ Adriana, who has been doing events professionally for four years.


Back from the holiday break, Sam announces his new music radio show, where he plans to spin recrods in the morning. Mia goes to her first Bachlorette party and is exposed to various penises. Sam goes out of town and analyzes chicken life in the boonies. We are joined in the studio by stunning Burlesque dancer and producer Donna Hood, who created "Tease If you Please."

November 2013


Getting ready for Thanksgiving travel. What it takes to be a good friend. Fart-filtering underwear is on the market. We are joined in the studio by model and actress Tess Broussard, who is fun and beautiful. Tess is also a comic and a single mom.


Today marks the 50th anniversary of John F Kennedy's death, and neither one of us remembers a thing. Well, one of us was 3 years old then and the other not even born. We speak to Amr Dundarawy of Spot My Ride, an innovative mobile app for car enthusiasts.


Talk of gumballs inevitably raises the question of blue balls. Sam puts the pressure on for Mia to pursue her fame. Our guest shows up a bit late but proves to be a lot of fun. We're joined in the studio by Jamee Natella of Blue Eyes Pictures, a commercial producer and actress with an interesting and productive career.


We continue to debate Hump Day and why Mia is so fascinated with it. Many comedians are not funny or entertaining. Obsession with exercise and weight. Sam enjoys Two and A Half Men, even with Charlie Sheen long gone. The Sexiest Man Alive is named by People. We speak to Jason Carter of the Alba Carter Foundation, an organization he founded to help afflicted children after seeing his daughter recover from a heart transplant.


Sam recalls his trip to Paradise, CA, where he spent a few days in the country with deer and chickens (and a couple of his best friends.) Listen to the analysis Sam has made of the chickens' behavior. Everyone loves the Beatles. We speak to Jim Berkenstadt, who wrote a book, "The Beatle Who Vanished," about the lost Beatle Jimmy Nicol, a drummer that filled in for Ringo Starr for a couple of weeks. Mia shops for costumes at adult sex stores. We speak to Jen Kim of JellyBus, a Korean developer of the app "PicsPlay Pro", which allows extensive editing for mobil pictures.


Sam is excited about his upcoming short trip up north to small California town. We are joined in the studio John Schwartz, a filmmaker who is known for the "Faces of Death" movie franchise, and his wife Joan.


We think guys generally don't like really skinny girls. Some curves are welcome. Bands that disappear then make a comeback. Sam poses an interesting question to his doctor. We're joined in the studio by fan of the show Stanley Thornton, who has written a couple of books, including the new dragon fantasy, "He Walks with Dragons." We turn to some bible talk too, which is quite interesting.


A sweltering day in November, and we're obviously going to have another drought year. Sam hates folding his laundry. We speak to the author of homoerotic romance Damon Suede from NYC, who is an entertaining writer, and who published "Bad Idea" recently.


The Phillipines is devastated by a killer storm. We are joined in the studio by Mia's good friend Inna Gorelova, who also brought in Brad and Dimitriy of CamFind, a sophisticated image-based search app.


Our money tree in the studio gets us talking about Marijuana. Mia goes to a Bond-themed party. Football talk, and we don't understand why Dallas is still America's Team. We speak to Sandra Champlain who wrote "We Don't Die" about grief and dealing with death.


A typhoon devestates the Philipines. Earthquake talk. James Bond movies. We are joined by Jeannie Kerrigan, who has a long story of adversity and survival. Jeannie is part of an organization that reaches out to abused children called Ricky's Revolution. Find out about Ricky, her toy monkey, which serves to help victims seek help. Jeannie's colleague Kathernine also contributes.


We're looking forward to Thanksgiving. The Jackass films. We are joined by James Mulligan, an artist who has worked on Disney and other projects.


Do you have to get totally ready in the morning before you leave the house? New hope for overweight people. In the studio we are joined by Ross Marquand, another Facebook friend, an impressive impressionist from Colorado who entertained us with some great voices.


A great day for Mia, whose Bears beat their biggest rival, the Packers. "Sleep Drunkeness." We are joined by a Facebook friend of Mia, Fia Perera, and actress and writer from NY who is funny and entertaining.


We moved the clocks and now resent the short days. Parties and more parties for Mia. We are joined by Dustin Warrren and Rachel Shur, friends of Mia who represent UCAAN, an organization that supports cancer survivors.


With Mia away, I'm flying solo today with two beautiful actresses, Annabelle Gutman and Johanna Rae. Find out about how they made their way, separately, to Hollywood with dreams of stardom. The girls are working on a show based on their lives called "How to Fail in Hollywood."

October 2013


It's Halloween and Mia is ready for the parties. Teenagers today are waiting longer to get their driver's license. Sam tells of the Halloween past when we dressed up as a woman. We spend a few minutes with our guest Sandra Champlain who wrote "We Don't Die." As we started to talk to our first our guest, we discovered that we were doomed for technical problems during the show, so we wrapped it up early. The headaches of upgrading your equipment.


A website where men offer gifts to women in exhcange for...what? Everyone has something to say about the subject. Is this demeaning to women? Words with Friends can get frustrating. Sam is hooked but has complaints. Hidden meanings in song titles. Did the Beatles do drugs? What goes on in night clubs.


More Halloween talk. Mia is sent the wrong way by her traffic app. When celebrities get 15-karat diamonds for their engagement. We are joined in the studio by Mia's friend Jourdain LaFleur, a French musician who made his way to Hollywood to find fame.


We start off with the '80s party Mia attended, dressed like Madonna, makeup and all. We are joined in the studio by the founder of IV Pit Stop Christopher Dancel and his assistant Paula McQuone. Would you get an IV to get rehydrated, reinvigorated and sober? Many people do. Find out how the idea came about and what it took for them to get the company off the ground.


Everyone's getting ready for Halloween parties this weekend, including Mia, who is challenged to find the right costume. We reminisce about the raging '80s, which is funny. We are joined by actress Shannon Bobo for a fun show.


A new study found that first-borns are generally smarter. Do you agree? We deliberately avoid the horrible abuse stories in the news and welcome Eddie Chan, the owner of the prestigious Chinese restaurant Kung Pao Bistro in West Hollywood.


With our new awesome equipment, we're working out the glitches on the air, making for a not-so-entertaining radio, but we quicky recover, talk to listener St. Louis Steve, and prepare for our phone guest. We speak to Marla Guloien, a Canadian artist who is truly multi-talented. Among other endeavors, Marla launched her own line of women's wear, Glam Rock.


We realize that all the guests Mia has invited to the show so far have had an accent. The new iPads are being introduced by Apple today. We are joined by Jahnna Randall, an actress who made her way to Hollywood from Wisconsin, and who brought in her long-haired Chihuahua Gizmo in a hand bag. We reminisce about the famous Taco Bell Chihuahua commercials.


Mia continues her partying, sporting authentic costumes in more themed parties. Halloween parties. Sam gets frustrated shopping for a computer and concludes that retail is dead. We are joined in the studio by Mia's new friend Anna Tkachenko, a Ukranian model and actress who has made LA her new home. Find out about her journey.


How long does it take to get ready in the morning? Where do we get our coffee-drinking habits? Thursday football talk. We are joined in the studio by Mia's friend Rakshak Sahni, who is a promoter of events, finding hot women to invite to the clubs.


Sam figured out a way to make it easier to get up in the morning. We're joined by LP Offishal, a French musician that came to Hollywood to realize his dreams.


Three themed birthday parties highlighted Mia's weekend. We are joined by LA Talk Radio host Andy Steinhauser, who is entertaining and vibrant. Andy loves radio and hosting events and pursues a career in entertainment.


Sam talks about appearing on a panel at the Talkers Magazine conference. We are joined in the studio by the founder of the talent showcase site "StudioVox" Amanda Slingerland. Amanda is also the host of LA Talk Radio "Get Famous Friday"


We open by discussing Mia's dressing habits. We promote the new thriller by David Rich, "Middle Man," which is very entertaining. Make sure to go to the book signing at Book Soup this weekend. We are joined in the studio by musician Heather Stewart, a very fun woman with original music.


Mia's mom has left to go back home after being run around town by her party-loving daughter. We are joined in the studio by South African-born actress Kasha Kropinski and find out about her acting success in the U.S.


We discover our taste in music is generations away. We are joined in the studio by new LA Talk Radio hosts of the show "The Tech Twins" Jeff Levy and Gordon Meyer. We talk about everything technology and, in the process, manage to alienate Mia with remniscing of the early days of the PC.

September 2013


Mia's mom is back with us for an enjoyable morning. Mia tells of her time at the Depeche Mode concert. Chicago Bears lose to Detroit, a fact Mia doesn't bother to bring up. Our phone guest is Lynn Bardowski, who teaches entrepreneurs how to create a milliion-dollar success. Listen to how she built a business she started from home parties and grew into a successful company.


Sam wakes up to a huge spider on the patio door but spares the bastard. Mia loves Windex in her war on bugs. We are joined in the studio by Mia's mom, who is visiting from Chicago. Vera tells us about mothering Mia and gives some color and background to our co-host.


Have you noticed Mia nevers wears the same outfit more than once? (Well, you've got to check out our Facebook pictures) We are joined in the studio by writers Michael Bayouth and Kim Klein, who wrote the exciting book Nine Degrees North. The two, who share a life together, tell a story of adventure and intrigue. A very entertaining couple.


No pool parties for Mia this past weekend...Instead, she went to a lovely girl gathering. The case for sleeping in late on the weekend. We are joined by the beautiful former co-host Stephanie Danielson, who is into a lot of new project, including an awesome charity.


Looks like the summer is over and Mia is having withdrawals. A tropical place or a cruise will do her good. The new iPhone OS is released and Sam hates it! We are joined in the studio by Mia's friend, director Philip Hodges, who is interesting and entertaining.


Football talk. We speak to Jason Carter from Tulsa, who founded the Alba Carter Foundation, named after his young daughter who had received a heart transplant. We then talk to Linsey Daman who started her own personal dating site, Single Successful CEO, where she showcases herself for prospective suitors.


Chicken wings: Would you eat them at Hooters? Mia worked there but never tried the wings. although she served as a model for the restaurant chain. We are joined in the studio by model and actress Abigail Rich, who has been through hell and back. Find out how she overcame tragedy to become a Playboy Bunny and a model.


How come LA does not have a football team? How many calories can you lose during sex? Mia claims to have not seen any action for a long time. We are joined in the studio by private investigator Jeff Monteith to talk about human trafficking and rescuing kidnapped children.


Our first phone guest is a Cougar porn star Barbie Blaze, who lives in Reno but wants to work in LA more. Our second guest, Thomas Edwards, is a "professional Wingman" who helps guys pick up women, and who started a company that offers these services.


Friday the 13th is not bad luck for everyone. Tonight is Yom Kippur and we discuss the meaning of fasting. Tattoos are becoming more mainstream, as a Miss America contestant shows off her ink. Our phone guest calls in from Rhode Island. Beth Hammond, aka Lady G pays tribute to Lady Gaga with her music and her outfits.


Following 9/11, the mystery to the Twin Towers continues. We remember where we were that day in 2001. But we care about the new iPhone. We are joined in the studio by film producer and distributor Adam Leipzig, a fun guest who wrote a book to help independent filmmakers. Adam worked at Disney and shares memories of his work in the film industry.


Today the new iPhone is being announced, but it sounds underwhelming. We predict the gold version will be popular. We are joined in the studio by singer Sonia Rao and play her original music. Find out why her mom insisted she learn three instruments at an early age.


Football season, and Mia is celebrating the Chicago win yesterday. Apparently, she's a huge Bears fan. We speak to Bob Bergen, an Emmy-nominated voiceover talent, who has been the voice of Porky Pig for the past 25 years. Listen to some of his amazing impressions. We also speak to Vanessa Farinha and Cara Barry, the producer and director of the short film of the dark underworld of London called "Spine."


It's Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. Sam doesn't know how to go to bed early. "Sleep Intertia" keeps Sam from getting up. The problem with hair color. We are joined in the studio by Mia's friend Fulton Singleton, who tells us about his unique Hollywood hair salon "Barber Dollz." Get your hair cut by hot chicks!


After a long weekend, we are joined by the beautiful hosts of LA Talk Radio's Youngevity Angels, Rosslyn Pacheco and Ann Trovada for a very fun show.

August 2013


Vegas plans for Mia again. Sam complains about being preoccupied as a man with sex all the time, and then the conversation turns to erections. We speak to dating expert Cija Black about the adventures and pitfalls of being single. Check out her book, "Modern Love" and her online video seminar.


Monday morning jokes. The Video Music Awards is the talk of the day after Miley Cyrus pulls an off-the-wall routine. We first speak to psychologist Patricia Farrell about anxiety and other mental health issues. We then speak to Holly Reville of Glamessence about her new website that features awesome gifts for wine lovers and others.


We all want to stay young, don't we? Getting pumped with IV after getting drunk? We are joined by Romanian-born musician Marius Feder, who is talented and ambitious. Take a listen to his music.


Mia is running late because of her failed alarm clock. We are joined in the studio by fitness trainer Stepanie Bortz, who tells an interesting story of how to make yourself lose weight and get strong with kettlebell. Sam is also excited to have invited to the show one of his favorite musical artists, Grayson Hugh, who made it big in the '80s.


What's a Blue Moon? Mia wants to learn belly-dancing. We first speak to Bruno Francois, who invented the amazing iPhone app "Cycloramic," which makes your iPhone 5 actually spin and take an automatic panoramic picture or video. Later, we talk to Kelly Apgar of Swiss Navy, an intimate product line to enhance your sex life.


Can we ever be thin enough? Listen to Mia being concerned about her weight. Find out about "Crack Yoga." A man who weighs 1,345 lbs. is being helped by the Saudi king. We are joined by Brittney Kara, who wrote the book "The Slient Scandal" about the food industry's interest in feeding us poison. Learn about GMO, Genetically-Modified Organisms, and why they're a major problem. A very enlightening show.


Las Vegas is too hot, the pools are too murky, but some people don't let that stop them. We are joined by Australian singer
Sarah D for an entertaining show, and some great music.


The kidnapped girl was found to have written letters to her kidnapper before he snatched her. Mia cheats at baseball. We speak to Chris Campbell, a friend of Mia's in Miami, who has launched a unique job website that is free to search for postings. Check out


Mia gets slivers of glass out of her foot. Ouch! Science fiction movies. Marijuana lovers say that legal Marijuana everywhere is just around the corner. Hooters restaurant does not welcome San Diego's mayor, accused of sexual haressment. We're joined by comdedian-actress Jackie Monhan for a fun, funny show. We start off talking about wigs for vaginas. That pretty much sets the tone for the show.


Dentist stories make Mia queasy. We are joined by comedian Rachel Butera, who is an awesome impressionist that took part in a Howard Stern contest. Rachel just moved to LA from Jersey, and has an interesting story.


We get a call from a Facebook friend John Direnzo, who wanted to talk about the state of acting in NY. Mia goes topless by the pool in Palm Springs. We speak Brittany Kwasnik, a young Canandian singer who has written many songs.


Amber Alerts on everybody's phones? We continue to celebrate the selection of the show by Talkers Magazine for recognition as an innovative show. We are joined in the studio by real estate expert Steven Aaron and learn a great deal about properties in LA.


We are joined by awesome Candian actress Mara Marini, who currently stars in "Parks & Recreation." Sam makes a big announcement: He was just ranked No. 8 on Talkers Magainze's Frontier Fifty." Sam was recognized as an radio exceutive and talent, and feels extremely proud. Also selected is our own Sheena Metal, who well-derserves it.


We have a doulbe no-show, with both our studio guest and our phone guest missing in action. A-Rod gets suspended for taking drugs. But is suspension enough? Sex toy shops. The fascination with BDSM following the success of "Fifty Shades of Grey." Mia likes snakes and shows a photo of a snake kissing her!


A little debate on Wolverine, but who cares? Also, a discussion of "Under the Dome." We are joined in the studio by Guy Talk Radio host Joey Olson for a very fun show.


This show is about drinking. Alcohol, that is. We are joined in the studio by booze expert and bartending coach Kellie Nicholson for a fun show. Kellie has made cocktails for us, which we devour during the hour. We drink these "Platinum Margaritas", which sell for $50 a piece! Kellie also has a class called "Find Your Excellence" where she shares ideas for happiness.


Mia is going to see Joan Jet and the Blackhearts, and we talk about music. Find out why Mia can't play the guitar. Simon Cowell is found to have impregnated his friend's wife. We are joined by playwright/director Brad Gottfred and learn about his play "Women Are Crazy Because Men Are Assholes."

July 2013


Sharknado? What the hell is that? In Yemen, an 11-year-old girls refuses to marry. What do men search for when they expose theselves like Anthony Weiner? We are joined by Joesphine Kochoo, a communications student who wanted to sit in and check out our radio station.


Hear about Mia's Chewbacca costume and her crazy weekend. We speak to Jim Melis, a former CFO who became a comic and motivational speaker.


Mia tells about her upcoming adventures this weekend. We are joined in the studio by Dr. Juan Jose Ramos, a surgeon who is visiting from Pennsylvania. We speak to Sarah Showfety from Brooklyn, NY, who wrote the book "Dating by the Books", where she set out to read dating advice books and implement suggestions from what she read.


Tips on how to approach women from Mia herself. Helping the homeless. We speak to matchmaker Hellen Chen about dating and matching people the old-fashioned way. Amazingly, she approaches people who are not looking to get married!


We start the week late, but we are back. We're joined in the studio by Dave Nemark, CEO and Founder of Bid4Spots, a service that brings together radio advertisers and radio stations. Dave's story is an interesting mix of business and techology, and if you want to learn a thing or two on entrepreneurship, take a listen.


A very funny show as we are joined by two eccentric dressers who pride themselves in their swag. The hosts of Imperfect Gentlemen Show, Mr. George Khouri and Tehran Von something, join us to talk about their new radio show and about their move to LA from the DC area.


We are joined in the studio by returning guest, singer Ella G'Sell fo a funny interview. Ella is a musician from St. Louis who was a guest on the show five years ago, soon after she moved to LA.


We're back on the air after a two-week break with vacation stories from Israel and Chicago.

June 2013


We wrap up the week with two of our favorite LA comedians, the hosts of "Oh, Mary" Mary Kennedy and Paul Jacek. This duo are hilarious and we talk about everything, it seems. Paul tells a profound story of the damage DOMA has done to relationships, and Mary describes herself as the Real Housewife of Van Nuys."


Our studio guest today is direct marketer and LA Talk Radio host Wendi Cooper for an interesting, fun show. We even talk about rollercoaster, and dealing with aging.


An extensive discussion on relationships, dating, and divorce took up our show today, with our fun guest Sophie Venable, a life coach and a great woman!


After Sam posted a question on Facebook about fathers who abandon their children, we decided to discuss this tragic problem on the air. We are joined by intuitive healer Pamela Cardillo to talk about that. But it's not all serious, as Pamela is a very fun guest.


In the studio today, Mia's good friend Elina Dmitrieva joined us for a fun show. Elina photoraphed us for our promo pictures and did an amazing job. Lisen to her story and learn about photography.


Fake tanning can stink. Yoga discussion. We are then joined by producer-director Brian Howie, who runs the show "Pieces (of Ass)" which stars our own Mia.


We are joined in the studio by model and pageant winner Maya Benten, who had been on the show over five years ago! Listen to her story of coming to the U.S. from the former Soviet Union.


On this Hump Day we are hoping everyone is humping. We get an incredible photo shoot from Mia's photographer friend Elina Dmitrieva. We are joined by friend of the show, astrologer Jaime Allen. Jaime answers our questions on astrology and does our charts. Listen to what our future holds for us.


Pool parties are fun, especially in Vegas. The beaches in Southern California suck. When surfers lose an arm to a shark. Hawaii, on the other hand, is paradise. Our guest is a no-show, but we couldn't make sense of who she was anyway and what her book is about. Men are cursed with the desire to have sex every waking moment.


Joined in the studio by gorgeous hair stylist and makeup artist Nicolette X, we learn a lot about hair and hair care. If you're in LA, go check her out!


Today we are joined by radio host and life coach Phil Dembo, who knows what he is talking about. Listen to a wealth of information on improving your life. Find out what is the single most common thing that people have to overcome to succeed in life.


We invite career coach Mark Gregor of Madison D Solutions for a conversation about making career changes, starting a business, and knowing how to plan your future.


Mia is looking cute in her Hello Kitty clothes. Sam gets a new smartphone and gets more confused. We are joined in the studio by radio host and fitness expert Kathy Kaehler for an interesting discussion on fitness and nutrition.


Why do guys still use catcalling to pick up women. What's it like being a beautiful woman. Do they get hit on all the time? Mia has the answer. We are joined the second time by Billy Hayes, on whom the film "Midnight Express" was based. Billy tells us about his daring escape from a Turkish prison following five years of incarceration. We also touch on the legalization of pot.


New co-host Mia joins me for our first show together. We are joined in the studio by entertainment columnist and interviewer Reba Merrill, who told us about her interviews with celebrities and introduced her book, "Nearly Famous."

May 2013


Former Miss UK Liz joins me for a fun morning, as we discover her career and ambitions. We obviously talk about England, in addition to life in the States.


This morning I am joined by OC girl Deandra, who tells of her travels and adventures in modeling.


On today's funny show, I'm joined by Southern Belle Betsy, who tells of her childhood in New Orleans and her move to LA. We talk dogs, dog shit and a lot more.


On today's show I invite Mia to join me again, and we discuss her weekend in Vegas and her budding acting career. She is the producer of a new horror flick, and is working on making it big in Hollywood.


With Bay Area native Erin riding shotgun, we discussed her budding broadcasting career, living abroad and her life in California.


Joining me today was Neda, who moved from Chicago to LA via San Diego, and is working on a career in communications. Among many things, we talked about travel, college and about the brutal murder of a soldier in london.


With co-host contender Mia in the studio, we welcomed the well-known Billy Hayes, who smuggled drugs out of Turkey and spent five years in jail there, before he made a heroic escape. Billy's story is the basis for his book and the award-winning film, "Midnight Express." Check out his fascinating story.


Today I was joined by Viki, who told of growing up in the Bahamas and in England. We talk travel and other fun stuff.


On my first day alone after Bridgetta's departure, I am joined in the studio by Anastasia, a pretty Brit who now lives in LA as an actress. We discuss her childhood and her move to the States, and other topics. I bring up the violent act committed against my son over the weekend and express my anger.