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What do I say about myself on my own website? Wait, I could say anything I want: it's MY website! For the sake of good radio I won't tell you my entire life story here. Instead, I invite you discover who I am and what I'm about on the air. Rather than tell you, I'll show you. What drives me is an insatiable curiosity to know and do everything. And then pass on what I have learned to other people. Does that sound like someone who ought to be in radio?


In the past twelve years I have had several co-hosts, each great in her own way. It's amazing how I have evolved on the air and the different directions I have taken over the years. I thank all of the listeners who have followed me through the various incarnations of my morning show, the reason this radio station was conceived.

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"The Sam & Manu Show" serves a variety of the day's topics with funny and smart commentary. The show features a breadth of guests that reveal their lives and talents to you.
Enjoy your morning at the office with spicy talk and even some incredible music. Call in live and participate.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00am - 10:00am
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"The Sam & Manu Show" serves a variety of the day's topics with funny and smart commentary. The show features a breadth of guests that reveal their lives and talents to you. Live from Los Angeles, Sam and Manu bring you the most entertaining and irreverent show on Internet talk radio. Enjoy your morning at the office with spicy talk and even some incredible music. Call in live and participate.

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April 2008


Charlene Ryan called in to tell a fascinating story of a mystical journey and to introduce us to her book, Memoirs of a Mystic.


Manu talks of sex rituals of Amazon tribes, and Sam tells about squirrels having sex on a tree. Comedian Marty Fidelman came in to entertain us with his unique humor.


Mondays are always fun and full of energy. Sam recounted his visit to Adult Con and the sex exhibits, complete with ugly porn actresses and weird toys. Manu is reborn by an unforgettable experience over the weekend.


We begin with anal sex as a morning appetizer and quickly move to Obama and Hillary as the main course. The highlight was our in-studio guest Alissa Huber, who came in to promote her new iPhone accessory, The iStik, but stayed to also tell us about teeth, since hers were beautiful.


Sam gets turned on by puffies and Manu just smiles. Manu tells about a catfight she witnessed in Hollywood, then recalls a time she beat up some bitches on the street. Our phone guest Demi calls in from New York to tell us about her career as a musician, actress and model, and we play one of her songs. Then Quality, a 19-year-old hip hop singer, called in to play his inspiring songs about his life.


Sam gets turned on by puffies and Manu just smiles. Manu tells about a catfight she witnessed in Hollywood, then recalls a time she beat up some bitches on the street. Our phone guest Demi calls in from New York to tell us about her career as a musician, actress and model, and we play one of her songs. Then Quality, a 19-year-old hip hop singer, called in to play his inspiring songs about his life.


Our phone guest Christos Alexandrus brought us some great music, including a Greek song, and talked about aiming for an international music career.


Manu describes her incredible performance as a stage actress, dressed only in undergarments. Sam rips into a bitch who should have known better than to criticize the station: delicious. Manu goes to a Powwow. Our first guest, Pat Augustus called in to tell us about her self-enhancement program, MOYA, Making-Over Your Attitude from the inside out. Our second guest, a young man all of 13 years old named Max, told us about his advice blog, Fascinating.


Our in-studio guests, Nathalie Matthews and her manager Travis, discussed making it in the music insdustry as a mature woman and provided us with some good music.


Manu meets Hollywood wannabe bombshell Angelyne at a coffee shop. Up and coming singer Ashelyn called in from NYC to discuss her musical projects and the recording of her first CD.


Manu suggests there is a government conspiracy behind 9/11, which stirs up an interesting debate. The sex life of animals and amazing facts about insects.


Our phone guest Julie called to introduce us to BDSM, the world of bondage and S&M, and directed us to some explicit images on her website, (Warning: for Adults Only.)


A lot of talk about the LA Talk Radio party this past weekend.


Talk of Father-daughter relationships precedes our continuing saga of Camel Toes which includes a hilarious song. Manu talks about more her funny cats, while Sam is angry with politicians who call for a US boycott of the Olympics opening ceremonies, hurting the American athletes the most.


A lot of talk about S&M, fetishes and bondage. Decomposed bodies, people run over by tanks and the smell of death. Our phone guest Mark McGrath of introduced us to his unique picture-like aquariums.


Manu warns about plans of Internet giants Google and Yahoo to charge users for each search, and that we're losing the Internet to them. The show's highlight was a guest appearance by an entertainment reporter and celebrity watcher, who told us more than we ever wanted to know about Britney Spears, revealed the truth about Paris Hilton, and reported on the largest penis in the Guinness Book of World Records. Andrea spent the rest of the show shooting the breeze with us.


The show starts off with talk about breast sex and deteriorates from there...not really. A funny show indeed. Our guest is late, and we call her on the air to see why she is not showing up. Death sentence for child predators should be mandatory according to Sam.


Manu observes that CNN is biased against the Democrats, but Sam wants to discuss sex. Again. LA Talk Radio host Jeff Rector calls in to join in our conversation about spirituality, then discusses the film industry and his career in Hollywood. We discuss the blood-curdling news of the Texas cult compound and the children there that were abused. Horrific.


Manu reminds us John McCain has voted against MLK Day and now has to do an about-face and aplogize. Cats being fed to crododiles, a 14,000-year-old human feces, Mexicans running across the border, and so much more in today's show.


Manu lands a threatrical storytelling role. Our call-in guest, Marguerite Manning, author of Cosmic Karma, fascinated us with astrological and spiritual stuff and gave us a little insight into our respective journies in this life, wowing us by analyzing our charts.


Beth Hammond, a stunning and talented singer and model, called in from Boston to tell us what it's like to go through life as a beautiful woman. She revealed her thoughts about posing for Playboy, and told about her successful music career. In the studio, Mark Aguirre, founder of, came in to tell us about his baby, a company that puts together singles events in a unique way. Mark also described his awesome courses on self-confidence and assertiveness.


Sam attacks those who consider boycotting such a human achievement as the Olympics, mixing politics and sports. We learn more about Australia from Manu.

March 2008


Our first guest, Pam Munro talked about frugality and how to maximize your dollars. LA new host Jacqueline Britton came in to talk about her new show, Curvy Fashionista, and clothes for real women.


Manu talks about her dysfunctional family.


Our phone guest, Daved Beck, described his life coaching method of confronting your fears.


Sam complains about the parade of beautiful women in LA, and Manu says he'd really lose his mind in Australia. An accidental caller name Jayne told us about her life as a single mom.


Sam wants to dye his hair and Manu isn't so sure it's a good idea. It turns out he is feeling old. Manu reveals she went to a convent, and Sam wonders what she'd be like as a nun. Furthermore, Manu also reveals her mother had a boob job, which Sam finds shocking. Our guest, cowgirl Nikki Pelley, got lost but found her way to the studio in full authentic garb and told us about her life as a rodeo star.


Manu drives by a murder scene, and suggests we make LA stand for "Behind the BullShit." She tells about a special milkshare she drank Sunday and describes the concoction. Sam discusses Sunday's shows and interesting guests he met.


We chat with Doug Newsom about G-Spots and other relevant topics. Manu tells more stories about her childhood on the farm. Sam is protective of his station and its hosts, and makes it clear with some disturbing audio clips, while insisting the Penny is obsolete and unnecessary.


We started the show talking about sex and went on and on. Our guest Curtis Lovell, a magician and escape artist entertains us with card tricks and tells compelling stories of the dangerous stunts he has performed.


Sam hogs the bed at night. Sleeping and mattresses. Eliott Spitzer's prostitute is reported to have made a video when she was younger. Why people make private sex videos. Sam expresses his love for vagina. People with gambling problems.


We played and discussed the venerable video of Obama's Reverend Wright spewing hatred toward nearly everyone. Manu tells about her lonely childhood. Our guest today, Fumi Bankole, discussed her album, LA River, which serves a collection of intense, well-written songs, and presented us with her poetry book.


Sam flirts with trouble with a rude security guard, while he finds female masturbation arousing. Paul McCartney gets fleeced for $50 million and Sam wonders where was the prenup. We discussed what it's like for a two-headed girl (or is it two girls with one body?) to go through life, and welcomed guests Greta & Jon Doe who do a lot of good for their community through their non-profit record label, Blacksmith Records.


Manu burns her forehead and cuts her finger all in the same day. We talk about Spitzer and his whore and reminisce of the days when a certain White House intern had her blue dress soiled with DNA. Sam tells a funny story of his outing to a comedy club last night, and Manu explains female arousal.


A woman lives on her toilet for two years and we're having fun with it. A serious discussion about the school problems in LA ensues, but Sam gets distracted by Manu's mounds.


Manu talks about acting in her upcoming film, a horror flick in which Manu reveals her body for the whole world to see, although not in an erotic way. So be warned before you watch the Trailer.


We continue to disucss Manu's commitment difficulties as she prepares to meet her mother again after many years. On a lighter note, Manu continues to reveal how sexual she is. Manu finds a Virtual Orgasm Simulator on the Internet, but it's not quite what you'd expect.


Probably our funniest show to date, we had a blast in the studio and talked to multiple guests. Gary Garver of the Howard Stern fame, who begins hosting with us Thursday, gave us a sampling of his wild humor with the help of his co-host Fat James. We also spoke to two males strippers who called from out-of-state to tell us all about their website Men of the Wild. Manu was thrilled (and moist.)


Manu is pretty much out of it today while Sam gets riled up because of yesterday's bombing in Israel. Manu tells about masturbation games in the military and we discuss gooey stuff. Yecchh.


Manu is invited to an audition for a feature film by a director who seems to show interest in her. More details inside.


Sam gets really pissed at doctors, dentists, and psychiatrists and Dr. Fred Bell calls in to explain anti-depressants. Manu loved her therapist (not in the way you think, silly.) We had two excellent guests, actor Zack Morris and hypnotherapist Melissa Skirbol.


We discuss some heavy stuff like battered women, overcoming being victimized, and kids today. But we also laughed about how Sam used to play doctor when he was, well, young. Very young.


Sam tells about his exploits at Chippendale's 25 years ago, and Manu complains he didn't ask a bunch of beefcakes to come to LA. Sam's iPhone crashes as he tries to help a stranger and is all stressed out from the fallout of the LA Marathon.

February 2008


Sam pulls prank calls on Manu, fooling several listeners into either anger, laughter, or apprehension. It was funny indeed. Our guest leaves before ever walking into the studio (that's a behind the scene item.) Dr. Phil and Joe Pesci call in.


We talk about sex in the Muslim word, Johnny Dam calls in to discuss Sam's mention of the C-word and illegal immigrants' rights. OK, not in the same sentence, but all in the same show. Our phone guest, Traci Thomas, told us about her off-the-wall inventions and the movement to end handshaking in America.


Manu does not get enough sleep and neither does Sam. How do we do it? Adrenaline. We laughed a lot today, but we're too tired to write a show review today. So listen for yourself.


Our show starts late because of technical difficulties that nearly drove Sam to jump out the window. Our guest, Millicent Terraine, discussed her relevant book "Actors Die Hard in Hollywood."


Manu reveals more of herself (no, not by taking her clothes off.) She also talked about getting off stradling a truck's stick shift. We discussed the Oscars only briefly, but found the time to discuss Obama's newly released photo in Muslim garb.


Brad, Angelina and Jennifer. Who left whom? We think we know, but we don't really. The way women moan around the world, and porn in general. Sam's near-death experience during his flight training several years ago.


We talk about very private parts and rollercoasters, bungee jumping and skydiving (all of which Manu has done.) Manu tells of being hounded by horny men at an evening she was actually working. Gramma Hildy calls in and reads a beautiful poem as well as tells us about growing up during WWII.


Sam exposes Craigslist abuse and how it affects the station, as Manu reveals how tired she is. Obama is leading and we are already missing Hillary. We discussed music, especially great European tunes.


Castro resigned today, elections were held in 3 states, the stock market is up. But we barely talk about any of that stuff. Instead we discussed the different races of space aliens. Pathetic. But we also discussed addictions and listened to a clip about animals' sex life, and we had a great guest, actor Randy Tobin, who discussed his upcoming movie, "American Poop Movie." That's the real title!


While Manu continued to bring up bodily functions, Sam set up his response to the attacks from Dr. Fred Bell, a radio host of a spiritual show who has checked his spirituality at the door. Author Joe Assante called in to tell us about his inspiring book "Wisdom Of A Lifetime...Things I Would Want You To Know If I Died Tomorrow."


Discussions of Valentine's Day, public bathroom stories and rants and the usual gossip. Our young guest, Saige Campbell, wowed us with her maturity and talent.


Sam told childhood stories of being a horny kid and a young peeping tom. Manu talked about lesbian bike chicks and how she like to ride fast. Our guest, sports writer, Apryl DeLancey, told us what it is like being a woman sports fan.


Obama is clearly gaining momentum and Sam thinks Hilary should start thinking about what to do in the next four years. The race is over for her. Manu enjoyed discussing places other than the U.S. with our guest, Petra Rathfelder, a German who now takes celebrity photos in LA.


Sam talks about the naughtiness of sex, screwing up his coffee, and his lack of sleep. Manu was hired for a job without her knowledge. Today's guest, David Brown, taught us about living in the here and now with tranformational healing.


Manu flirts with lesbianism again when she visits a lesbian sex shop. Her roomate, Tiger Moon, came in and shared with us the issues of Native Americans and bisexuality. Singer Alana Joy told us about her new record and we played her song, which was conetmporary and upbeat.


Manu stays out till 4 O'Clock in the morning and lives to tell about it. Sam reveals his weakness to women's breasts. Our phone guest, Ken Sawyer, told us about his visits to the Howard Stern Show and his work with Wack Packer Bigfoot.


Sam explains how masturbation poses a threat to our water supply, while Manu tells about the castle in Ireland for the millionth time. Our guest, Erica Drew, discussed her music and the outlet she is providing to upcoming musicians. Sam reveals he was distracted by her beautiful bosom.


Manu reveals her sexuality, Sam tells about gangs in his neighborhood and playing doctor as a kid. Our incredible guest, 6-year-old Nay-Nay told us about being an aspiring child actor, singer and dancer. You've got to hear her sing and talk about her ambitions.


Super Tuesday is on everyone's mind, Sam goes to the poll, and lots of celebrity gossip. Our guest, Mercy from Kenya, fascinated us with horror stories about the violence that has engulfed her homeland.


Our very first show on the air was a riot and our first guest flaked out. Technical difficulties abound, but the satisfaction that comes with being on the air made up for everything. This is going to be BIG.