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Stephanie Michele is a Certified Behavioral Analyst, Consumer Retention Specialist, Certified N.L.P. Practitioner and Founder of No Text or Next. Stephanie promotes improving relationship skills as a means for an advanced quality of life. She speaks on the importance of practicing communication exercises in the juxtaposition of mainstream “device, media and app addicted” society and promotes the value of maintaining long term relationships. She uses creative and sometimes provocative methods to increase integrity, sincerity, transparency and trust building on both individual and cultural levels.
In 2009, Stephanie started her company, SocialBling to provide clients with data driven marketing services that embody her relational principles. Stephanie lives Los Angeles, CA with her beloved dog, Mr. Deeds.
Stephanie often jokes about why she believes she is so obsessed with relating well and helping others do the same by saying, “I am middle child, from the Midwest, product of divorce, I was programmed to care about relating.”
You can learn more about Stephanie’s work at or find her on twitter at @lovemorenow and Instagram @relatewithsteph

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Tuesday 11:00AM - 11:59AM
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Relatable is a weekly show dedicated to real talk on relating and the importance of feeling connected though relationships. Stephanie Michele and guests explore current topics while sharing their own values and beliefs. There are three parts to each show: Topical conversation, off topic questions to see what “more” can be discovered about guests and a closing “heart-swell” moment where guests are invited to share heartfelt dedications to important people in their lives. Considering Stephanie loves “vulnerability extreme sporting” she also issues personal relating challenges for people to try and shares her own personal relating experiences as she navigates friendships, family, dating and business relationships. Watch Live every Tuesday at 11:00am (PST) or see the archives of the show here.

Show Archives

November 2017


Reframing the Conversation
If the conversations we are having are not producing solutions and meaning – is it time to reframe? Talking with Jamie Hansen, author of “Expanding the Conversation,” about innovative communication and breaking out of repeated talking points that only keep us frustrated and in the problem.


Together We Wine
Talking with wine expert Adam Dromi on how to pick out wines that unite and bring us into conversation.

October 2017


Cosplayin’ Around 
Special Halloween Edition of Relatable. Talking about Cosplay with Angel Anderson with a few tricks and treats up our sleeves.


Mindful Foods for Meaningful Gatherings
With holiday gatherings in mind, Chef Meredith Klein and Stephanie explore how specific foods can make gatherings more meaningful.


Good Impression vs. Lasting Connection
What can we do to make first time conversations better? Exploring how to make a mutual meaningful and lasting connection with Jeroen de Wit.


Lean into Laughter
Talking about comedy and the importance of laughter with Beth Lapides from UnCabaret.  This episode is full of candid moments and funny reveals.


Undeniable Purpose
Talking about filmmaking and finding your purpose with C.C. Reagan on the next episode of Relatable.

September 2017


Why Not One God?
Where do you go with spiritual curiosity when a church does not feel like home to you? A conversation with musician Antoinette "Rootsdawtah" Hall about faith in God, music and international experiences.


Working it Out with Social Media
Getting perspective on healthy and unhealthy aspects of social media use from an enlightened millennial and poet, Isabella Mente.


When it Matters the Most, What to Consider About Your News Source
Two Women in Digital Marketing talk about what you might not know about your digital news source.


Cues for Connection in Modern Day Relating
A candid conversation between friends recapping what we have learned about relating and connection from previous Relatable episodes.

August 2017


A Journey of Faith
What if it was illegal to be curious about God and religion? Dr. Shaynah Neshama-Bannister shares her personal journey of faith that started under Communism in Bulgaria.


Our Capacity for Intimacy
If we were willing to practice and learn about intimacy what would our relationships look like? What would the world feel like? Talking about the “art of intimacy” and more with John Wineland.


A Better Relationship with Money
An impactful hour with life and financial expert Dr. Lee Hausner on how to talk about money with family and children. No matter if you are a parent or not, this episode is packed full with great advice on earning, saving, investing and giving.


Ask & Answer Show with Coach Graves
Talked about hot topics (news, culture of interruptions, the pursuit of happiness, etc.) and took some LIVE callers to discuss.


You Are What You Eat – 2017 Edition
Can making changes about what we eat and how we feel about food create shifts towards more love and joy? Talking about Relational Food Psychology with Angela Doss.

July 2017


Your Body is an Ally Part III
Your body is in pain, is it possible to restore? Last in the series, Your Body is an Ally with Amy B. Scher.


A Journey from Addiction to Sobriety
Two stories of the journey from addiction to sobriety with Johnny Olsen and Lara Frazier.


Your Body is an Ally Part II
Learning more about how to listen and work with our bodies to communicate authentically and be well with Nancy Parker.


Kid Perspective: What Does it Mean to be American?
A very special 4th of July edition with two tween girls talking about America, 4th of July and BOYS!

June 2017


Your Body is an Ally Part One
Your Body is Your Communication Buddy! Talking with therapist Hilary Kern about working with your body to heal and help sort through what is troubling your mind.


Befriending Your Fears
A candid conversation about living with anxiety and fear with actress Tayler Deline.


Complimenting: Easy Mutually Beneficial Feel-Good Relating
Stephanie rants about unpleasant “fast-food” relating experiences with chat bots and urges people to be more aware of “their role in it.” Guest Peter Drivas and Stephanie explore the art of giving compliments and how we can benefit from giving them more freely.


Living and Thriving in Your Own Personal Tribe
What would it be like to live in a household with 10 or more people? Guests Lucy and Dennis Bernstein, parents of 12 children share their strategies for parenting and thriving.

May 2017


The Freedom of Transition
Life is full of transitions. Some transitions are more difficult than others and require a fair amount of discovery and assistance. Guest Robert Graves shares his personal experiences with transitioning from military life back to civilian life and how he motivated to help others.


Why Do Ladies Swear?
Debunking some of the myths on why women swear, Stephanie and guest Bri Seeley discuss topics that get them swearing and why you should be careful to consider where you give your “fucks.”


Life in the Forties Lane
On this episode of Relatable two LA women reveal their real age is south of 40, shocking! Stephanie and fellow LA Talk Radio host Katerina Cozias talk about life lessons learned and how to get a good story out of a guest. Hint: The same rules apply for great conversations.


Empathy is not Endorsement
What started out as rant from Stephanie on “fluffy” empathy and empathy as a manipulation tool for consumer sales became a conversation between two friends who shared what they know about empathy. Stephanie was joined by Dan Fink, deputy director of The Relational Center.


When Was the Last Time You Felt Heard?
Here is a simple truth – if you want to make a profound difference in someone’s life, start by listening to them. Traci Ruble from Sidewalk Talk and Stephanie explore the art, impact and guidelines of listening.

April 2017


What’s in Your Reality? An AR/VR Conversation
What is the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality? Why do we need these altered realities and what can we expect from this technologies in the future? Guests Georgia Van Cuylenburg and Steve Aukstakalnis share their experiences with AR/VR and talk about what is coming in the near future.


A Global Portal for Connection
What happening when you step inside a box and find yourself instantly connected to another human being in another part of the world? Talked with Emma Saperstein and Julia Diamond about the Portal Project by Shared Studios.


Speaking Your Truth and Living Your Dream
What started out as personal dream to have his own show on the radio turned into a business for LA Talk Radio founder, Sam Hasson. Sam shared his “Do what you love and the rest will follow” approach to living live and creative entrepreneurship.


Marijuana: What Color Do You See?
What happens next now that marijuana use is legal in the state of California for adults after the passing of Prop 64? Guest Lynn Lyman, the California State Director for the Drug Policy Alliance answered some complex questions about drug use, reform and why even “white people” should care about past, present and future “Wars on Drugs.”

March 2017


Mind, Body and Text
Got text neck? Stephanie with guests Sharon Jakubecy Khelm and Matt Formica discussed texting norms and the hidden harms of texting too much. Setting guidelines to mindfully decrease texts exchanges was emphasized with a review of the No Text or Next pledge.


How Do You Take Your Self Growth? With Ease or With Work?
What started out as a show about Resonance Repatterning turned into a fun conversation amongst friends. Friends who are all seeker of experiences and growth yet who pursue it differently. Jessica Driscoll, Jeff Berlin and Stephanie share their experiences during and after their repatterning sessions while also discovering growth happens when you are ready to lean into it.


The Influence of Mom:  A Journey to Fashion and Social Consciousness
How does one gear off a career path of finance to pursue fashion with a cause? For Eric Coly it happened all via the influence of his mother and grandmother. Eric founded Le Dessein, a high fashion line that featured artwork from girls in Africa with portions of the sales going back to fund girl’s education in underprivileged areas of the world.


Respectful Genderqueer Curiosity
Humans are hardwired for connection. Authentic connection happens when we can identify in a way that feels truest to self. Imagine if you were being persecuted based on your  true identity. An identity with no intent to harm or hurt others but one that has equal rights to pursue love and self-expression as every human being should have the right to do.  Stephanie and guests Mx. Nicky Endres and Justin Hanenberg discuss transgender terms and topics, what it means to “come out” and encourage dialog that will help straight people understand they are not so different from transgender people.

February 2017


Digital Detachment: For Productivity and Wellbeing
Guest Brian Diedrick from said, “Unplugging is completely unrealistic yet cultivating detachment is a must.” On this episode of Relatable we explored why it is important to detach from our devices and how to do it with loving kindness for self especially knowing how easy it is to get sucked back into aimless browsing and texting habits.


Hardwired for Connection
Why is connection so important and what is threatening our ability to find meaningful connection? Stephanie and guest Mark Fairfield from the Relational Center answer these questions while discussing Independence, resonance, and why your story matters when it comes to relating.


Reflecting on Love: Commitment, Choice or Feeling?
We really leaned into love on this show, not just romantic love but exploring what it means to be love and act in love. Jewelry designer Claudia Endler was the perfect guest as she personally reflected on love and shared her client’s love stories.


Online Dating Dilemma: It’s Not You
Online dating websites and apps are great for meeting new people yet may be creating unforeseen obstacles if your goal is a long-term relationship. Stephanie and dating expert April Beyer explore the online dating landscape and provide some alternative solutions and tips for finding lasting love.

January 2017


Using Your Story to Relate vs.  Being a Hateful Comment Troll
Talked with creative writing teacher, Megan McCord about writing and sharing your story. Conversation started with Stephanie sharing a recent personal experience she had on Facebook. Stephanie suggested that instead of posting hateful comments, it would be a good practice to ask yourself, “Why I am bothered by this,” and share that story as opposed to attacking someone who’s story is different than yours. Megan gave some tips and encouragement to help people embrace and explore writing their story.


Ghosting vs. Showing Up for the Conversation
What was going to be a show about the challenges of online dating turned into a LIVE example of the challenges of online dating when the scheduled guest decided to “ghost the host.” Not to worry, Stephanie phoned a friend, Eric Van Steenburg, Ph.D. Stephanie and Eric talked about the Women’s March and other political topics as they reflected on the importance of showing up for the conversation.


The Strength of Women a.k.a. Vagina Power
Taking a look at what it means to empower women to be strong with Nurse Jadah Chatterjee and artist manager John Cowan from 24k/7.  Women give and sustain life. There is no reason for embarrassment, disrespect or for any woman to have their rights questioned by anyone who does not fully support and uplift a woman to be their equal.


Exploring What It Means to Have a Relating Mentor
Stephanie and guest Tish Tisherman from Talk2Tish explore why you might need a relating mentor and the benefits of having one. It starts with a turning your “curiosity” switch on for relating.


The Impact of Your Childhood on How You Relate in the World
On this first edition of Relatable, Stephanie and guest Georgia Van Cuylenburg from Arts Bridging the Gap discuss how the impact of childhood experiences effect the choices we make as adults and how to listen and support children as they learn how to make better choices.