Race and Religion

Jeff Hanlon


Although I consider myself a very private person, I feel the need to go public with a positive message and to work diligently with others to lend a voice for the advancement of racial and religious harmony in our country. I have learned that by sitting on the sidelines is not a way to advance this cause. We as a society can and must live together in peace as one people, one people who by the grace of God, can overcome these obstacles that stand in our way. This must be done for those living today, and for the ones we love, for tomorrow. My name is Jeff Hanlon.

Show Description: 
The show of Race and Religion is a show that discusses ways to bridge the racial and religious divide in our country by giving a voice at the table, and by working alongside of other civil rights and religious organizations to have that discussion. Our goal is to send a positive and uplifting message ad to discourage those who have a negative or hateful message, or participate in hateful speech or activities. We truly believe that the pen, or the voice, is much more powerful than the sword to make this happen!

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