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So here you go, I started in June 1984 with a small radio station in Hartford, Connecticut, WPOP News Radio 14. I was a desk assistant to news editor John Wilks, where I conducted brief phone interviews,and established contacts everyday. From there,I made my way to KISS FM in Hartford Connecticut where I worked mornings with Jeremy Savage. Moved to in January 1987, Westwood, California working at Power 106 doing promotions and, it wasn’t until 1991 where I jumped over to the WAVE 94.7, LA’s new age station that later would capture listeners with their new style no-commercials radio.

That same year, I started doing voice over’s under the coaching of Lou Hunt and Dave Sebastian Williams.

By 1994, I teamed up with the great Bill Margold on a public access show. With a new friend and co-host, we were able to cover the latest movies and create our very own niche, calling it “Movie Reviews and More”.

In 2010, I watched 1,123 movies, 2011 = 1,089, 2012 = 1,145, and in 2013 only 910 feature films and television shows. I still watch two to four movies a day. Overall I have watched over 12,000+ films and TV shows since 1991.

Interviewed 25,000+ Celebrities since 1983!

CONTRIBUTOR FOR: KABC Talk Radio, CNN, STARZ Network, Dish TV, CBS, BET, LOADmedia,,,, and TRIBUNE Entertainment.

I refuse to be put in a box, as a matter of fact I'm hovering above the box! I do what I say, and say what I'm gonna do! They laugh at me because I'm different... I laugh at them because there all the same!

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Tuesday 5:00PM - 5:59PM
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Movie Reviews & More is your one stop media source for the latest in movie reviews from a different angle.and in depth interviews with the stars that make them.If you want Unigue information about the stars and Questions outside of the usual fluff,then Movie Reviews & More captures just that.An inside look,outside the usual format of Entertainment reporting to the essence of your favorite films.
To really understand me, it is important to know I LOVE drum and bugle corps. It's my passion. I'm a “drum corps nut”. The connection I feel to the Drum & Bugle Corps translates into the enthusiasm I have for life. 

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November 2017


Gwenn Wunderlich
Sean Waldron
Dr. Monica Larson
Ivor David


Linda Steel / Model, Fitness Expert
Zorianna Kit / Sea Shepherd

October 2017


Victoria Rene Plummer, Cat Lopez, Mark Branson (Remo Drums), Natalie Burn, Ruxanda Calistru


Zoriana Kit, Chris Razo, Caitlin O'Connor, Diana Colmenar


Brett Bauer, Susan Post, Rych McCain, Silvia Kal, Sean Waldron, Julie Rocha

September 2017


Zorianna Kit /
Jenny Worth / WorthIt Fitness
Terri Marie


Kirsten Collins
Co-host: Victoria Renee Plummer

August 2017


Zorianna Kit /
Tim O'connor /
Gene Sheynis /
Sam Sparks


July 2017


Melody Trouble Vixen (MTV), Roxy Astor, Sunny the California Girl, Crystal Coney - the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW)


Melody Trouble Vixen (MTV), Roxy Astor, Sunny the California Girl, Crystal Coney - the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW)