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So here you go, I started in June 1984 with a small radio station in Hartford, Connecticut, WPOP News Radio 14. I was a desk assistant to news editor John Wilks, where I conducted brief phone interviews,and established contacts everyday. From there,I made my way to KISS FM in Hartford Connecticut where I worked mornings with Jeremy Savage. Moved to in January 1987, Westwood, California working at Power 106 doing promotions and, it wasn’t until 1991 where I jumped over to the WAVE 94.7, LA’s new age station that later would capture listeners with their new style no-commercials radio.

That same year, I started doing voice over’s under the coaching of Lou Hunt and Dave Sebastian Williams.

By 1994, I teamed up with the great Bill Margold on a public access show. With a new friend and co-host, we were able to cover the latest movies and create our very own niche, calling it “Movie Reviews and More”.

In 2010, I watched 1,123 movies, 2011 = 1,089, 2012 = 1,145, and in 2013 only 910 feature films and television shows. I still watch two to four movies a day. Overall I have watched over 12,000+ films and TV shows since 1991.

Interviewed 25,000+ Celebrities since 1983!

CONTRIBUTOR FOR: KABC Talk Radio, CNN, STARZ Network, Dish TV, CBS, BET, LOADmedia,,,, and TRIBUNE Entertainment.

I refuse to be put in a box, as a matter of fact I'm hovering above the box! I do what I say, and say what I'm gonna do! They laugh at me because I'm different... I laugh at them because there all the same!

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Tuesday 5:00PM - 5:59PM
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Movie Reviews & More is your one stop media source for the latest in movie reviews from a different angle.and in depth interviews with the stars that make them.If you want Unigue information about the stars and Questions outside of the usual fluff,then Movie Reviews & More captures just that.An inside look,outside the usual format of Entertainment reporting to the essence of your favorite films.
To really understand me, it is important to know I LOVE drum and bugle corps. It's my passion. I'm a “drum corps nut”. The connection I feel to the Drum & Bugle Corps translates into the enthusiasm I have for life. 

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