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Casey Gayle


The two things people say to describe me is nomad and renaissance man, and in good  ways. I just think i enjoy world and all the wavy people in it.
Well the nomad in me is the spirit that is born ,raised somewhat in Jamaica. At preteen aged hit New  york to end up growing up in socal.Trust i was raised in very Jamaican family and still one too. I guess i have attended a few colleges ,universities and have a couple  of degrees. Lived in a few states and have also visited 30 or more of them. You can see why people say nomad.
The renaissance man goes like this.. I have worked in education for 12 yrs , done everything from working in a assessment dept for a prominent childrens home to instructing and coaching at  two local colleges. I then i got fast and very rewarding experience in the fashion industry. My family owns a label called Jainesse Denim. It was very hands on .We had to learn how to do everything about the industry,learn patterns,dealing with reps,shrink testing and so on. Last but not least is dealing with people from all walks of life there is not much i dont know about whats going on in street life and its culture. I will always have a pulse....And i am a ex jock, i really don't like to talk  much about sports these day. but trust i am qualified. 1luv

Richard Gentile


Richard Gentile is an American nobody; full of shit and not afraid to say it. A former Navy nuclear engineer, current business student and stand-up comedian for 2 years. With big plans to become either a dictator or the CEO of a large corporation, Dick Genitals wishes to leave a stain on the earth that lasts forever. Catch him performing at local comedy clubs in LA or check out his videos on Youtube. He is sure to change your life forever. Well, probably not.

Matthew G. Fisher


Matthew G. Fisher is an American filmmaker of 8+ years. He has worked on movies and television shows such as X-Men First Class, Terminator 5, ICE, and many others. He is a Los Angeles native, sports enthusiast, gaming fanatic, and movie aficionado. Working on one-set-at-a-time, he continues striving for his ambition of becoming a director of photography. 

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Monday 5:00PM - 5:59PM
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How come rideshare apps keep hiring felons? And what’s up with black republicans? Welcome to the Mondays! Where a radio host, filmmaker, and comedian discuss these topics. With live guests and celebrity drop-ins, come listen, chat, call-in, and think about all the things that make life seem like one never-ending Monday.

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