iLan Azoulai


iLan Azoulai is a Spiritual Mentor for those who desire to re-claim their inner power.
iLan Azoulai guides women, men and couples in reaching a higher state of self-awareness and expanded consciousness through heart connection, observing the instincts of emotional reaction and creating a meaningful and constructive language in relationships and corporate environments. iLan created the “The Sacred WE”™ and the “What-Why-How”™ workshops, that engages individuals in creative solutions and draws wisdom from Kabbalah and Judaism
iLan is certified NLP & CBT Coach & Speaker, Reiki practitioner and multi-facet artist working with Sound and Vibration, Frequencies, Spoken Word, and Music.
iLan created HiTea™, a custom tea mix that combines different plants and herbs to cultivate heart opening experience and activates different energetic centers in our body in group and personal sessions.
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