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Dr. Deena C. Brown is an internationally best-selling author, speaker, and leadership coach. Dr. Brown’s clients affectionately call her “The Catalyst” because she makes $hift Happen.  In 2017 Dr. Deena founded The Leadhershift Movement™ to help women create systems to Shift and gain Clarity about their WHY, build unshakeable Confidence about their Next; and develop Consistent actions to achieve their Goals. According to Dr. Deena, you can’t have professional growth without personal development. Her book Mindful Leadership; 26 Affirmations to Activate the Intentional Leader Within You, is available on Amazon. Dr. Deena has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox as a highly sought after keynote speaker, millennial leadership coach, and leadership and growth expert; yet, her greatest role is Mom to 16 years-old Xavier. For more information please visit

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Women often ignore the very Truths that would free them to be the best version of themselves. This call-in radio program features weekly “Hot Topics” that get to the heart of Real Issues faced by Real Women who need Real Solutions. Dr. Deena hosts guests who are Unapologetically Authentic about money, mental health, and other -ISH women deal with everyday on this journey called Life. Do you need a healthy dose of Reality then call-in, email, write, but most definitely listen in as Dr. Deena and her eclectic guests provide Real Talk with Real Solutions.  Dr. Deena has an uncanny ability to infuse her energy and enthusiasm about the Power of change into those she coaches so that Shift happens.


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Alida McDaniel Intuitive Leadership, Holistic Wellness, & Mindfulness Coach, Co-Founder of @mindsoulfit in Newport Beach, CA joins Dr. Deena on the show to discuss "How to Amputate Phantom L.I.M.B.S (Lies, Insecurities, Mindsets, Burdens, and Shame). If you are carrying around hurts, pains, fears, and insecurities then you must tune in to this transformative episode.


Big Question: What does it take to be free to be me?
Guests: Robin West - Producer, Artist, Founder of Ampbitious, Non-Profit - Ampbitious stands for Amputees Manifesting Positive Broad Ideologies that Inspire Others Undaunted by our Situation.
Carolyn Maul - VP of non-profit Synergy of Empowered Women.Synergy of Empowered Women is a Platform for Donors, Volunteers and Advocates Committed to Women Achieving Their Highest Level of Success.


Episode 4 Accountability Master Class - The Quad Squad talks about accountability. 1. How do you Define and Design your tribe? 2. What is personal accountability? 3. Who holds you accountable? Download and share this informative discussion on the keys to establishing successful accountability groups that inspire, empower, and help you transform your life and business.

June 2018


Episode 3 Teen Talk Sunday - Special Guest Dawnn Lewis
Dawnn Lewis Award Winning Actress, Musician, Producer & Activist gives advice and insight on how to persevere through adversity to reach your goals. Dawnn Lewis’ A New Day Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, founded by Award Winning Actress, Musician, Producer & Activist Dawnn Lewis. The foundations mission is to provide financial and programmatic support toward the empowerment and education of underserved youth; provide capacity building pro bono services to assist small/grassroots non-profits; and to provide general support services in underserved communities. Download and share. You can donate to A New Day Foundation at


Episode 2 Happy Father’s Day
Mom? It’s Father’s Day, a day to celebrate yet some women struggle on many levels with the idea of celebrating men who maybe negligible in their role as a father. Women (and men) who were raised by single moms often feel some kinda way about their fathers. Download and share this enlightening conversation about the controversial topic - Should single mom’s receive Father’s Day cards?


Episode 1 Sister Act - Armor Bearer or Adversary?
Who are your armor-bearers? Do you have a sister who stands in the gap for you and covers you when you are unable to cover yourself? Do your efforts to support and service go unnoticed leaving you feeling rejected and unappreciated? Have you ever woke-up and realized that maybe it isn’t them but you who are causing the conflict in a relationship because You are not clear about your role? If these questions have ever been apart of your thought process you need to download and share this candid discussion amongst sisters about their roles, responsibilities, and resolutions on how to be a better ‘sister’ which can only be realized when you work through being a better ‘Me’.