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Catherine Grace O’Connell is an LA Talk Show Host, Journalist, and Inspirational/Lifestyle Influencer with a mission to empower women of all ages. After 54 years of being silenced by a lifetime of trauma and abuse as a #MeToo, she found her Voice and has become a Thought Leader and Age Disruptor by celebrating and promoting the vitality, reinvention, creativity, and wisdom of women at Midlife.
“For the first time in history, there is an enormous demographic that is able to have health, vitality, wisdom, life experience, and a pocketbook, all at the same time! My message is that women can be raw, real, and vulnerable while also being strong, wise, and compassionate. Midlife women are here to share the incredible font of wisdom that can only be earned through life experience. It is the crown jewel of Midlife and the one thing that cannot be purchased, but must be earned through overcoming life’s challenges. Midlife is a time for women to blossom into, and manifest their full power. No longer will we be silent and in the background … it’s time to be Fierce … and cool!”
Community, connection, and involvement are what women truly desire. The Forever Fierce Facebook Group , founded by Catherine is a supportive and collaborative community and Sisterhood where we are building a powerful and substantive frame around Midlife. This show is their Voice. These women are empowered … and “empowered women at Midlife are cool!” Come join us!
For more information, Catherine’s Blog is and the contact email is

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Tuesday 11:00AM - 11:59AM
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Forever Fierce is an all video talk show hosted by Catherine Grace O’Connell. She is joined each week by a diverse series of guest co-hosts of all ages and genders to keep the show fresh … and Fierce. This show is the definitive talk show/podcast to fiercely empower women of all ages through the lens of Midlife. Featured guests range from bestselling authors, creators, entertainers, health & wellness experts, world changers, business and financial leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and moms!

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April 2018


From the best of "Forever Fierce" : Are you a woman at Midlife and beyond searching for inspirational role models? Today's show featuring, Tricia Cusden, the Founder of Look Fabulous Forever, is lighting the world on fire and inspiring women to rewire rather than retire. Launching her cosmetics line for older women at 65 was the beginning of a new path for Tricia. Join me and my cohost, David Harry Stewart, as we share Tricia's incredible story as she lives to empower women to look and feel beautiful and confident no matter your age. With her book, Living the Life More Fabulous, launching this month in the U.K and her cosmetics line selected for the Oscar gift bags, Tricia is a powerful role model inspiring women to think differently about aging. Visit for her fabulous makeup line and check out her tutorial videos on YouTube.


Are you a woman with an untold story and a desire to have your voice heard?

Today's show featuring K.C. Baker, the Founder of The Woman Speak Foundation, is dedicated to unleashing the brilliance of women's voices worldwide. This show kicks off a monthlong series centered upon helping women to find their voice.

Introducing Sandra Smith, the Producer of The Forever Fierce Show and today's Co-Host. Sandra leads "Woman Speak" workshops in Los Angeles as a trained facilitator for K.C.'s program, a unique education program focused solely on the power of the Feminine voice and collective.

K.C. and Sandra will empower and inspire you to find your own voice through the power of your personal story. They are lighting the way to a new world, one lead by women on a "Heroine's Journey." It's a refreshing perspective and one that's well needed as women are rising all over the world, demanding to be seen and heard.

If you love today's show, we invite you to share with your friends and leave a review. There's nothing that inspires us more than hearing from you!


March 2018


What would it feel like to walk Paris Fashion Week at the age of 48?

Don’t miss today’s show with my Cohost, Jacqueline DePaul, Founder of Yellow Brick Runway. In typical Jacqueline style, this interview is raw, real and vulnerable as she opens her heart to share those “old stories” of Self sabotage that tend to be universal with most women.

If you’re looking for Fierce inspiration and a powerful role model who is not only drop dead gorgeous, but vulnerable and beautiful inside and out, today’s show will empower women to understand they’re not alone. In our current culture, Self Esteem and Self Confidence can seem elusive. With some inner work, Self Awareness and a change of our belief system, we can defy and disrupt the perceptions around aging along with Jacqueline and the Forever Fierce Community.

Jacqueline will undoubtedly inspire you to join the women of Forever Fierce Revolution to lift and encourage you through your own Fierce Reinvention.


Hilary Lentini is known as a “Woman of Influence,” by LA Confidential. Launching her own business in the male dominated tech world over two decades ago, Hilary was an early adopter. If you’re looking for a role model to help you fiercely reinvent yourself while overcoming any fear or apprehension of technology, you don’t want to miss today’s show.

The Second and Third Acts are powerful times of Reinvention and we are providing the inspiration, resources along with action steps. A natural born entrepreneur and connector, Hilary is also Immediate Past President of the National Association of Women Business Owners Los Angeles Chapter. With a wide range of clients, she has a way of melding the artistic and creative with the more technological aspects of business. Principal and Creative Director of Lentini Design & Marketing, Inc., Hilary shares her colorful story and what inspired her to take the road less traveled.


Danny DeLillo is known as a man who lives to support women in the film industry as the Chairman of New Filmmakers LA.
Don't miss today's show with my cohost, Producer/Director, Ilyssa Goodman as we share Danny's story and what it's like to be a man in Hollywood today in the midst of the Times Up, #metoo and #AskMoreofHimn Movements.
Danny is dedicating the NFMLA event on March 24th to supporting women and film and launching his own Movement to affect change.
Join Danny, Ilyssa and I in The Forever Fierce Revolution Group on Facebook for a special discount to attend the event along with us.
Today's show will inspire you to empower men who empower women as #WeareStrongerTogether.


If you had the chance to ask a former Baywatch Babe the secrets to FIERCE Reinvention, what would you want to know?

Don’t miss today’s show featuring the Fierce and Fabulous, Alexandra Paul, Baywatch beauty, who starred on the popular TV series for 5 seasons.

Alexandra is an actress with over 100 movie and television credits to her name. She has also starred in 14 movies for the Lifetime network. Alexandra is an Activist and passionate Environmentalist, having driven electric cars for 28 years. She’s an Ironman finisher, long distance swimmer, and a vegan. Having reinvented herself as a a certified wellness coach, she helps people get happier through healthy lifestyle changes.

We tend to teach what we are here to learn and Alexandra is no exception. Beautifully authentic and vulnerable, she opens up on today’s show on how she’s overcome her own eating disorders to lead a life dedicated to health and wellness. Her philosophy isn’t one of perfection or willpower but rather making simple changes that create a new lifestyle, one step at a time. “Why Choose Her?,” as she asks on her website…it’s simple. Empathy is a quality she’s embodied over time. Whatever you’re going through, most likely, she has to.

You can find Alexandra on her website, or

February 2018


Join me and my cohost,Dr. Carol Parker Walsh as we hit the road on our very first roadshow LIVE at the San Francisco headquarters of Madison Reed. Having just finished our show with resident Badass, Amy Errett, CEO of Madison Reed, Carol and I share the secrets of fierce reinvention while helping women at Midlife and Beyond disrupt their own mindset.


On the eve of the global celebration, Forever Fierce Day, Carol and I couldn’t help but share our excitement as the world lit up on February 19th with women joining from every corner of the world. You can read hundreds of inspiring stories of here:


Carol the Founder of is a powerful role model for women, as we show you the keys to FIERCE Reinvention at any age. Disrupting aging always begins on the inside! True beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Join us as we help YOU on your path to fierce reinvention at any age! And, if you haven’t discovered the most supportive sisterhood on the planet, Forever Fierce: The Midlife Revolution, we invite you to join us today


Are you a woman at Midlife and beyond searching for inspirational role models? Today's show featuring, Tricia Cusden, the Founder of Look Fabulous Forever, is lighting the world on fire and inspiring women to rewire rather than retire. Launching her cosmetics line for older women at 65 was the beginning of a new path for Tricia. Join me and my cohost, David Harry Stewart, as we share Tricia's incredible story as she lives to empower women to look and feel beautiful and confident no matter your age. With her book, Living the Life More Fabulous, launching this month in the U.K and her cosmetics line selected for the Oscar gift bags, Tricia is a powerful role model inspiring women to think differently about aging. Visit for her fabulous makeup line and check out her tutorial videos on YouTube.


What would it be like to take on a multibillion dollar industry and completely disrupt it and turn it upside down?

If you’re Amy Errett, CEO of Madison Reed, you don’t think twice, you just do it. On today’s show, Amy shares the inspiration behind the launch of Madison Reed, a company with a conscience, that began by a challenge from her daughter, Madison Reed, for the whom the company is named.

Amy, and her tenacious and determined nature, led to endless conversations with women to understand the psychology behind what drove them to use hair color products that were loaded with toxic chemicals. Her daughter Madison was listening intently to these conversations until one day she looked at her Mom and asked her, “Mommy, are you going to do it? Amy was puzzled…”Do What?”…”Save Women’s Lives?”
With that, Madison Reed was no longer simply a conversation but a powerful mission to change the way women color their hair. Amy Errett and her team at Madison Reed are disrupting more than the hair color industry. They are disrupting an entire corporate culture, showing that you can choose to lead by LOVE rather than fear and be a Badass and successful in the process. Their latest campaign, featuring real women from the Forever Fierce Community, shows that “Confident is the New Beautiful” and allowing women to let their “Inner Badass Shine!”

Don’t miss this show as Amy will inspire you to disrupt and expand your own mindset and belief system. Her counter culture philosophy includes utilizing the Enneagram as a means of fun, fabulous and fierce self awareness. She will inspire you to “Find Your Inner Genius” as she leads her team to do the same each and every day.

Be prepared to feel more empowered and inspired after today’s show with my fabulous Badass Cohost, Carol Parker Walsh. Oh…and be prepared to laugh along with us as Amy is not only a Badass but she’s a hilarious and entertaining one at that!


Don’t miss today’s show with Annie Spano, The Founder of The Style Collective and a leader inspiring women to be their own #BossBabe. Annie turned an experience of being bullied in the workplace into a powerful collective and sisterhood. She shares what she has learned to help young women monetize their blogging business with real world business skills. With an MBA and her vast knowledge of marketing and business skills, Annie has created a unique niche and community where bloggers can learn and connect with one another. She openly shares with courage and vulnerability. She has become a powerful role model by overcoming immense adversity and losing her Mother to cancer at the age of 17. She believes in using the power of positivity to transform adversity and life’s painful challenges into opportunities for growth and evolution. Annie and The Style Collective can be found here and her Becoming Fearless Podcast will inspire you Make sure to check out her upcoming conference in Raleigh, NC with information on her website.


Paris Fashion Week at 48!


Who says Midlife means the end? Jacqueline DePaul is here to show you that it’s not only the end but a new beginning. She is the epitome of Fierce Reinvention. At the age of 38, Jacqueline took an unusual path as a model. Keeping her day job as an engineer allowed her to channel her more “geeky” side in the world of technology. An injury at 38, sidelining her from her passion as a dancer, didn’t end there. On today’s show, Jacqueline shares her life changing decision to enter the modeling world and win a Wilhelmina Modeling Contract in her 40’s. Now, at 48, she’s getting ready to walk the runway at Paris Fashion Week. If you’re a woman at Midlife and Beyond and looking for inspiration, follow Jacqueline’s journey on her blog, and her Instragram and Facebook @yellowbrickrunway.


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a female Director/Producer in Hollywood? Join me and my cohost, Ilyssa Goodman, known for producing the popular Cinderella Story blockbusters. It’s your chance to hear from an empowered woman who has experience with decades behind the scenes in the movie industry. Covering everything from the #metoo and TimesUp Movements, to Uma Thurman and her recent disclosures regarding Harvey Weinstein, this show give you a fresh perspective and encourages you to become part of the solution. If you’re looking to find an answer to the current power imbalance and sexual harassment, you won’t want to miss today’s vibrant discussion. We always keep it real and share our personal struggles along the way. It’s time for #YoutobeYou. You can find Ilyssa Goodman on her Facebook page.

January 2018


How often do you get to hear from a Hollywood Insider, a Producer and Director who is also a woman? Today’s show with the empowered and vocal, Ilyssa Goodman, is one you won’t want to miss. Ilyssa offers a unique perspective as a FIERCE Midife woman with decades of experience in the industry. Ilyssa will inspire you to listen your intuition and use your voice to speak up and speak out when something doesn’t feel right in your own world. According to Ilyssa, the time is up and it’s time to take responsibility for ourselves and end the shame and self judgment. You can find Ilyssa at or her Facebook Page. She offers consulting in the entertainment industry and is an insider to watch.


Join me and my cohost, Dr. Carol Parker Walsh of with our guest, Nike Master Trainer, Ryan Lauderdale.
Ryan will help you to see fitness in an entirely, fierce new way. Fierce reinvention, according to Ryan begins with loving and believing in yourself. His 3 pillars, Develop, Evolve and Thrive will inspire you to look at life and health and wellness in a whole new way. Change begins on the inside, with expanding your mindset. Join us as we help you to make those New Year’s Resolutions a reality.
Ryan can be found at
For a direct connection with Personal Trainers like Ryan, check out


Join me and my cohost, Dr. Carol Parker Walsh, the Founder of and a powerful role model for women, as we show you the keys to FIERCE Reinvention at any age.
Carol openly shares her story with beautiful courage, dignity and vulnerability. You will empower yourself with a fresh perspective on what it means to be a woman at midlife. Watch your perspective change after today’s show.
Today’s powerful takeaways are:
You have the power to define yourself
Language has power! We are planting seeds at all times. Plant positive ones!
You have control over your own beliefs. Choose wisely.
True power and empowerment ALWAYS comes from within.


Fit at Any Age!
Join today’s show with celebrity trainer, Julie Diamond to inspire you to in your quest for health and wellness. At 53, Julie is a powerful role model for women of all ages through her inner strength and vulnerability.
You can find her on


David Harry Stewart is one of the Founders of and is a role model as an Age Disruptor, with his work to place a new and vibrant frame around aging. David is a professional photographer, having worked with some of the top icons of our time and carries his gift of capturing the essence of one’s personality through his lens.
His Ageist Community is a powerful space of connection to share examples of people actively disrupting the aging process around the world. His Ageist Newsletter profiles men and women over 50 who are living outside the box while helping to expand the mindset and possibilities of life at midlife and beyond. You can find David’s work at


Leona West is a certified Nutritionist and Herbalist who has maintained a successful functional medicine nutrition practice for over a decade. She has also been a natural health educator and public speaker on health, food and nutrition for over 20 years

Leona takes a food as medicine, whole body, and whole mind approach to health, favoring traditional modalities that consider the whole person coupled with cutting edge approaches in lab testing and diagnosis. She is excited to work with people who are ready to make a change in their health and in their life. She understands and has observed that even the simplest of food and lifestyle changes can make a significant and positive effect on how we feel in our body and mind and how it reflects in our entire lives.

She can be found at and will be serving as an expert on our Age Disruption team. Be on the lookout as Catherine will be sharing her experience in a year long Ultimate Age Disruption Experiment with Leona as her guide!

December 2017


If you loved the grace, beauty and glamour of Natalie Wood while growing up, you don't want to miss this extra special live video podcast with her daughter, Natasha Wood. Natasha and her sisters have launched a beautiful fragrance in their Mother's honor, Natalie.
Natasha has carved her own unique indie path as an empowered entrepreneur who lives to honor the Mother she adored, Natalie Wood.
Join me and my guest co-host Carol Parker Walsh and stay tuned for a FIERCE fun filled show that may stir up some special memories Natalie Fragrance.


If you're a woman at midlife with a desire to #BeHeard, you won't want to miss this live video podcast with the Founder and CEO of NetworkBe, Wendy Sweetmore.
She's a media disruptor and a master storyteller and who doesn't have a story in their hearts to share.
Join me and my fabulous cohost Carol Parker Walsh as we share Wendy's powerful story and journey to creating a special place to empower the voices of women NetworkBe

November 2017


Catherine Grace O'Connell is joined by guest co-host David Harry Stewart in a fantastic conversation with Ben Winkler, photographer/creator of Faces of Silver. Ben is a true Renaissance Man speaking 5 languages and a career that includes a shared Nobel Peace Prize, architecture, design, photography, and island bartending! His work can be found on


Susan Honey Good joins Catherine and guest co-host David Harry Stewart for an outstanding show! Susan has an amazing blog and Facebook presence empowering women over 50. She talks about her life and growth and the happiness and satisfaction that she gets from interacting with so many amazing women in her Sisterhood. Susan's website is


David Stewart founding partner  of AGEIST, award winning photographer of vibrant people generally over the age of 50!  “My first love, the one I will never abandon, is photography.”

October 2017


Charlie Albo and Donn Stewart come together with 2MEN2STYLES blog on their way to an empire. Check them out.


Lucy Danziger founder of hintd  A social shopping platform where users make lists of what they want, and discover recommendations from friends and influencers.  Your ultimate wish list of absolutely anything from anywhere.


KENN GRAY - Award winning Palm Springs interior designer, TV personality and style guru.  The Art & Design Director for Style Fashion Week and the Exec VP of Cosa Salvaje Tequila.

September 2017


Cheryl Hunter, two-time bestselling author and coach. Speaks on stages worldwide as well as on international news sources such as PBS CNN and Forbes.


Sara Harvey, a Vedic Educator and the COO of the Chopra Center stops by and shares what it is like working side by side with Dr. Deepak Chopra.  WOW.

August 2017


DANNY DE LILLO, London born actor shares what he loves most…everything!  And we LOVE HIM!




CAYTHA JENTIS,  Creator, Writer, Director and Executive Producer of The Other F Word Series.  This award winning independent filmmaker shares her 50 over 50 and so much more.


Heidi Nazarudin from Lets Conquer The World In Style, Blogger-In-Chief at The Ambitionista & Bosslady at Marque Media.  She is the LA girl on the go go go!!!  Don’t miss this show.


July 2017


Catherine Grace O and Kathy Kaehler dish about Fierce50 launch party with one of their favorite bloggers Karen Brooks


Christie Hefner, Former Playboy Enterprises Inc, CEO and Chairman of Hatch shares her continual and powerful story of reinvention from mid life and beyond.


From the world of fashion Super Models Nancy Donahue and Kelly Emberg

Nancy took the modeling world by storm in the late 70’s. She shares her extraordinary life in front of the camera, her dedication to fitness as a health professional and the creation of Belle Core.  Kelly, known for her appearances in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues and countless advertising campaigns.  Today she  dedicates her time with her family and growing her food as The Model Gardener.


June 2017


Cat and Kaehler kick off their debut video show featuring an exclusive interview with popstar/antibullying advocate/UN Ambassador Meredith O'Connor and Director/Producer Illyssa Goodman to announce a true Cinderella Story on Meredith's life!