Flush Your Fat 4Good

Dr. Victoria C. Arcadi


Dr. Victoria C. Arcadi (aka Dr. Vicky to her patients), graduated from UCLA in 1972 with a BA degree in Psychobiology, and then graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 1984 with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. While in practice, she earned her Diplomate in Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics (DICCP) in 1997, specializing in pregnancy, pre-natal care and pediatrics. Working in private practice and on staff at a birth center, she worked with midwives and medical doctors. Trained in clinical nutrition as a chiropractor, this was the most effective approach in managing pregnant women and her patients with swift results. In the 1990’s Dr. Arcadi published some of the first chiropractic case studies in pregnancy, pediatrics, breastfeeding, and glycobiology. Dr. Arcadi is also certified in Applied Kinesiology (A.K.) from the International College of Applied Kinesiology which emphasizes clinical nutrition. Diet and nutritional recommendations were implemented successfully on her patients for more than 30 years in practice including hundreds of pregnant patients in prenatal management.  Dr. Vicky has also been living the healthy lifestyle she recommends herself more than 32 years. It is exciting to share clinical validation with the world to help the millions of people globally on a very large scale, rather than one-on-one,  and also bringing awareness to the Globesity pandemic.

Jackie Padgette-Baird


Jackie Padgette-Baird is a California native, growing up in North Hollywood, student and product of music and the arts. Jackie had many achievements in the entertainment field especially as a professional musician. She cut albums and had a top billed band on the Nevada circuit in Las Vegas for 7 years. During this time she became ill and when no one could help her, she reflected back on her father’s teaching and influence. He was the first bio analyst and pathologist in the state of California. Jackie took her health in her own hands because she did not receive any answers. It was nutrition that saved her life and became her second love. Working as an assistant with Dr. Vicky Arcadi, Jackie learned about nutritional application in a clinical setting, and ran the nutritional department and organized Dr. Vicky’s seminars. Flush Your Fat 4Good was given divinely to Jackie when once again she was in need, but this time to restore her health from excess weight gain as a result of family crisis. Jackie has made this her mission and her legacy to help people restore their health as she did and help bring awareness to the obesity epidemic all around the globe.

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Tuesday 5:00PM - 5:59PM
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Flush Your Fat 4Good, Be Lean & Healthy for Life is not a diet or a fad. It is not a gimmick or a quick fix. Flush Your Fat 4Good is A Lifestyle for A Lifetime! It focuses on Digestion, Absorption and Elimination. This book is the blueprint of all you need to know to live this Lifestyle for the rest of your life and to never struggle again with your weight. If you follow this lifestyle to a “T”

You will no longer have sugar cravings or be hungry. You will have safe rapid fat loss along with an abundance of energy, a healthier mind, and you will sleep better. It will change the way you think about food by shifting your paradigms. This is not just about losing fat, but is about creating the most optimal health possible, now and for life. It is all based on science, physiology and biochemistry. True Freedom!


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How the body rebuilds itself!

You can never go wrong eating right!

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June 2019


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Yeast not only plays havoc with mind and body but gets in the way of losing fat.


FYF4Good is great for Conception, Pregnancy & Nursing for an outstanding outcome for baby and mom!

May 2019


Hair, Skin & Nail deficiency due to poor digestion & absorption


It is mandatory to drink 1-3 cups of coffee a day when living the lifestyle of Flush Your Fat 4Good! We tell you why and how to do it! And...it's more than you've ever know how great a cup of coffee can be!


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Make sure you soak your nuts!

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April 2019


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FYF4Good during pregnancy and preparing for pregnancy.


"Let your food be your medicine, your medicine be your food"! Hippocrates Foods not only help you to lose fat but to be happier!


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March 2019


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February 2019


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January 2019


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Stress eating and how to cope so you don’t destroy yourself!



December 2018


Gratefulness, inspiration and wellness for Christmas.


Toxins in your body produces fat and keeps you fat!


FYF4Good recommends supplements and which ones are best for Rapid Safe Fat Loss


Dr. Vicky talks about exercise that is extremely important and walking is the FYF4Good choice according to studies.

Interview with Rafael Escobar, professional trainer, from morbidly obese child and watch what happened!

November 2018


Calories vs Quality and Pounds vs Inches

Learn how to feed yourself through these holidays to LOSE FAT!


Hearing the stories of our Power100Heroes, one hundred pounds overfat, Kathleen Powell, Nicole McCabe Brouwer and Dr. Ann Hill sharing stories of hope for those struggling. Did you know that…obesity, hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance and out of control weight gain.


All about sugar! Learn different names for sugar, what it does to the body, and how FYF4Good will help you to eliminate the cravings of sugar in as few as 72 hours!


All about digestion, absorption and elimination with the step by step sequence of events of what happens in the body with digestion as you eat pepperoni pizza. Meet Savannah Padgette, 22 weeks pregnant, sharing benefits of eating Phase 2.

October 2018


Meet special guest and Star Trek celebrity and vegan, Spice Williams-Crosby talking about her 40 years of food combining and more!


Return of our special guest Cathy Castelazo with her client, professional trainer Rafael sharing with us about his lifelong battle with obesity and now achieving tremendous results and better health with the Flush Your Fat 4Good Lifestyle himself and for his clients.


Learn the fascinating facts of CranFlush and why it is essential to drink 81oz every day! Hear from Rob Cohn sharing his journey of being a vegan and starting Flush Your Fat 4Good.


Hear from Katie Faith Boggs & Norma Barrington who have struggled their whole lives. Now 29 years old, they will never go back to that pain and sorrow! Dr. Vicky’s “Did you know that” segment is a must for everyone: Coffee is great for you!


Meet Cathy Castelazo who was instrumental in getting Jackie to share FYF4Good to the world. Her Lymphatic Body wraps work in harmony with Flush Your Fat 4Good! Don’t miss Dr. Vicky’s “Did you know that” segment: Fatty Liver Disease