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Alexa Polar


Alexa Polar is an award-winning Writer and Director, she was born in Lima, Peru. She was raised in Long Beach, California. The only daughter of six, to parents Roberto and Carmen Polar. Alexa graduated with honors from high school and was offered a scholarship for her written work. Instead of attending college, she decided to pursue a philanthropic route and attempted to sign up for the Peace Corp. Since she wasn't a full United States Citizen, Alexa decided to enlist in the military, where she served a brief but memorable term with the United States Army. After returning home, Alexa attended college and worked as both a freelance writer and did customer service for a real estate office. From time to time, Alexa would produce documentary films for causes, to raise funding for each cause, giving 100% of the proceeds to the causes. She made these films with her film partner, Robin Pabello. She earned a degree in Paralegal studies and worked for a law firm in the entertainment field. With unjust circumstances out of her control, as life tossed a wrench in her life. 

Alexa felt the need and forced to start life over. As she did, she found it a surprising blessing as she was taken towards the better pathway in life that leads her to meet some of the most amazing people in the industry. She studied film at Orange Coast College, where she received a scholarship under a documentary pitch competition related to social awareness. She pitched the idea of America Foreclosed and won. With her renewed and found connections, Alexa was able to produce her own original work in short films, and re-visit her feature-length written work. Her short films have been selected for various film festivals nationwide, and her documentary short film America Foreclosed was award Best Documentary Short at the Film Miami Fest in 2015.  Alexa is considered a philanthropist and enjoys producing films with a message.

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Sunday 12:00PM - 12:59PM
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A podcast that will focus on promoting and empowering women in the film and television industry. Each week we will have a different guest from various career categories in the entertainment industry, sharing insightful information on various current event topics.

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July 2018


Mari Meyer is a filmmaker and journalist (with a focus on creating work with and about women). Her two latest projects are a documentary short about the women’s march on Washington and a narrative short that reimagines an Edgar Allan Poe story with female leads. Her main focus in her work is telling women’s stories with other women, and amplifying voices that are often silenced.


Guest - Michelle Dos Santos 


Michelle is a self taught Writer/Director from New York. She travelled for 5 years before relocating to Los Angeles. Michelle shares her insight and experience as an independent filmmaker.



Brooke Purdy and Colette Freedman of Quality Problems 


The Writer/Director and Star of Quality Problems Brooke Purdy, along with Colette Freedman, Co-Producer and cast member stop by to discuss the success of their independent film Quality Problems.

June 2018


Kayden Phoenix, known as the Chicana Director from Boyle Heights, shares her journey in the film industry. A feminist and activist. A strong female filmmaker who Writes, Directs and Produces but is more known as a Director.


Special Edition Round table discussions with our guests: Marian Aguilera, Rachel Mullins and Kat Venuti
Marián Aguilera is a established, well known and respected actress from Spain. Rachel Mullins is an accomplished producer, actress and model. Kat Venuti is a talented actress who has many credits to her name. All three will share their individual experiences and provide advice and feedback for anyone just getting started.


Allison Volk is an award-winning writer, film producer, and actress. She will discuss her recent film Deany Bean is Dead, which will premiere at the TCL Chinese Theater as part of the Dances with Films festival; as well as her journey in the film industry.


Guest Deven MacNair, Stunt Performer and Coordinator. Deven will discuss her battle both legally and within the stunt community, as she has become extremely advocate and a voice for female stunt performers and other stunt performers of different ethnicities (for both men and women), to level the playing fields and provide jobs to those that fit the need and description. Calling out the ending of "wigging" and paint facing, a term and practice used in the stunt community where a white male stunt performer will provide solo services by wearing a wig or painting his face to match a female and or a male of other ethnicities.

May 2018


Guest Cali Gilbert, Best Selling Author of 9 books and counting, shared her story on how she became an Author and now Writers and Directors her own films. She discussed her latest book, It's Simply Filmmaking, which shares the lives of several female filmmakers. The book has reached the top rank in Australia and growing momentum.


Guest Sophia Kiapos, Director | Producer and founder of the Female Filmmakers exclusive social media group. The group she formed started with 15 female filmmakers, in less than 2 years, it's now grown to over 5,000. Sophia shares her difficult experience with the industry and how it transformed her from Actress to Director.