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Eddie Conner


Eddie Conner is a Soul Intuitive, Radio Host, and Author sharing his psychic insight and Universal principles across North America. He’s been an, on-air radio personality hosting, producing, and sharing BUT-Free Living Principles for 25 years.

Eddie is also featured in, Ghosts and the Hereafter Documentary as L.A.’s premiere psychic, on Australia’s Morning Show with Larry & Kylie, and CBS Local listed him in their Best Psychics and Mediums in Los Angeles, issue. He has appearances on,, The Associated Press, Coast-to-Coast AM, Psychic Detectives for Court TV, and Donna Linn's Talk Show LIVE featuring Eddie for her, World Famous Psychics Show.

Eddie’s books include, A Southern Psychic’s Guide to Fixin’ the Big BUT Syndrome, and, How to Get Your Travel Freq On.  He’s a contributing author for, Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul, Hot Chocolate for the Teenage Soul, and columnist for The Caster News, Power Agent, and Inner Change Magazines.

Rachel Angeline


Rachel Angeline is an active Screen Actors Guild member and winner of, “Best Actress in a Comedy series” at the LAWEBFEST ’17 festival for her work in the Web-series, Nerd Brigade.  She is originally from Minnesota where she received a bachelor degree in Broadcast Journalism. Rachel constantly strives to investigate and tell people’s stories while creating new, and off-beat characters.

She lives in Los Angeles and loves investigating Soul Intuitive, Eddie Conner’s “Meta-FUN-ic” principals with her super fun, Lady on the Strip segments. You can often find her on the treadmill, reading scripts, hiking in the mountains, or walking her dog.

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Friday 1:00PM - 1:59PM
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The Eddie Conner Show with Rachel Angeline knows that everyone wants a rich, happy life. Eddie and Rachel elevate their audiences into their rich world of BUT-Free Living principles, while using Eddie’s trademarked language and methodologies. They are especially serious about healing America’s real Crack Problem, The Big BUT Syndrome®.
Why? So, that everyone has the perfect tools to experience Hi-Frequency Living! In this program, Eddie and Rachel share, Law of Attraction Ideologies, Meta-FUN-ic Principles, and Soul Couture Philosophies, every Friday at 1:00 PM PST. Come get your Soundbites for the Soul!

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February 2018


What does, “Happily Ever After” mean for you? Better health, more money, or a stronger connection to your higher self? As humans, we’re eternally connected to spirit, but we often get stuck in the physical world’s problems, negating our soul’s guidance. Rachel and Eddie share how you can harness your connection to nonphysical and make it work for you. Not against. With spiritual guidance and laugh out loud humor they share the following soul centered segments.
How can you create more happily ever after moments in your daily life?
Albert Ellis said, “The best years of your if ear eth eons in which you decide your problems are your own. You do not blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the president. You realize that you control your own destiny.”
Where Rachel interviews friends and pedestrians about whether they believe in happily, ever after and what they can do to create it for themselves.
Eddie shares how you can connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels as Soul Elevators, and
how-to be, that which you Do Want, instead of trying to attract the physical representation of it.
The bottom line is, we only get the money “we are,” not the money we want. We only get the love “we are,” not the love we want. If we want a better life, we have to raise our personal connection to our source energy. This connection can be easy to achieve – all we have to do is ask for it, allow it, and live it.




Why is harmonizing with our desires important?  Because, harmonizing means to be “in agreement with our desires,” not pushing against them. Think about an orchestra in flawless harmony. It’s the same with frequencies humans send out to the Universe. We are either, “in harmony with” our desires, or not.


By accident, we mostly vibrate unconscious signals of lack, instead of prosperity. We think, and speak about what we Do Not want more often than not. The Universe is not responding to our hard work; it’s actually responding to how bad we feel about having to work hard. If we feel overworked and underpaid, the Universe is saying, “Yes” to our tired, “life’s not fair” feelings.



When we harmonize with our heart’s desire without contradicting them, we are in pure energetic flow. Fun points to remember while aligning your heart and desires as ONE!


OUR HEART…                                             

…Is unconditional love.                                              

…Is tied to the Gut Brain.

…Is the twin flame soul to our solar plexus.              



…Are driven by your higher self.

…Are also driven by our soul’s purpose.

…Came with our soul to this planet to manifest our heart’s desires.


At the heart, of our heart’s desires is the pure positive, nonphysical energy that creates worlds. This energy is unconditional love in action. Added to this, is the fact that our heart and our desires are soul mates that work in miraculous harmony to bring us our personal heaven on Earth experiences.




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Bad News, Good News

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Lady on the Strip

Hi-Frequency Living Tips

And much more!


Have you ever bombed an audition, job interview, or a date? If you’ve ever left an interview or meeting disappointed, this show explains why. Now, you can easily beam during interviews with these BUT-Free Tips. First, a question.
Which arrives to your audition first, your invisible thoughts and feelings or your body? The answer: Your thoughts and feelings arrive first. If you’re worried or fearful about your meeting, your invisible, worrisome energy arrives to your destination long before you leave your home for the appointment. WTH!
Rachel speaks to her peeps as she hits the town with her, Lady on the Strip segment, asking people what they might be doing to bomb acting auditions and job interviews.
What can you do to get out of your own way? You can start with Eddie’s BUT-Free Living Principles, the TAGS Technique, and his Three Step Audition Formula. Which works great for every important meeting you will ever have. The Three Step Audition Formula is:
STEP 1: Pure intention can nail your audition
STEP 2: Come from the heart and win the part
STEP 3: TAG great moments and magnetize more!
Join Eddie and Rachel next week for their, Harmonizing with Your Heart’s Desire podcast and learn how you can get out of your own way, stand in your heart’s frequency, and merge your consciousness with the higher realms of the Universe.

January 2018


Our first show is about the “BUTS” that suffocate your life force energy, not your gluteus maximus. If you’re a hardworking person desperately trying to make your dreams a reality, BUT can’t get where you want to go, chances are you’re suffering from America’s Real Crack Problem: The Big BUT Syndrome®.
Eddie and Rachel share how you can free yourself of unconscious, negative self-talk with Meta-FUN-ic Principles straight out of, A Southern Psychic’s Guide to Fixin’ the Big BUT Syndrome, while also covering hot topics like the, Love-BUTS, Money-BUTS, and Career-BUTS.
BUT Wait, there's more. Rachel also hits the town with her, Lady on the Strip segment, asking people if they know about, the Big BUT Syndrome. Tune in each week for more humor, fun, and hi-frequency living.