Dr Theo Kousouli


Dr. Theodoros Kousouli is an Intuitive Mind-Body Holistic Healer, author and speaker with a thriving practice in Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Kousouli does radical life enhancement & transformation for those seeking top performance, personal power and a pain-free existence. He works with an array of people, from business leaders, CEOs, professional athletes, to celebrities and housewives. He helps his patients remove their challenges and find their inner power by reprogramming their mind and body via the nervous system.
He has also created The Kousouli® Method - a proprietary combination of healing modalities that encourages holistic balance catered to the individual. Along with his self-improvement book series, his new BE A MASTER® radio show reaches millions of people all over the world who seek enlightenment in this vital time in humanity’s development.

To reach Dr. Kousouli or become a patient, call 310-777-3463 or visit www.DrKousouli.com  For live seminar information, please visit www.KousouliMethod.com For personal empowerment books and materials, please visit www.BeAMaster.com