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Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin is a psychoanalyst, author, speaker and internationally-recognized expert in weight, food and body image issues.  Her personal experience with these issues gives her a unique understanding of how to overcome them, and she knows how to create lasting transformation.  She’s been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Prevention, Real Simple, Redbook, Huffington Post and many other publications, and is a frequent guest expert at summits, podcasts, radio and events. Dr. Nina helps people lose weight without dieting by focusing on what’s eating “at” them instead of what they are eating.   In addition to her clinical practice, she writes an award-winning blog, Make Peace With Food, hosts a podcast and video series.  Her book, Food For Thought, on the treatment of eating disorders, is an Amazon bestseller. For more information please visit:

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Wednesday 10:00AM - 10:59AM
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Our culture is obsessed with health, yet 95 percent of all diets fail. This call-in radio program features weekly topics on the subject of weight loss without dieting. Dr. Nina shares the secrets she’s used with thousands of men and women all over the world to create permanent, sustainable weight loss . Using a combination of humor, compassion and expertise, she helps listeners focus on what’s eating “at” them instead of on what they are eating. Dr. Nina gives lively advice and guidance, inspiring the audience to make peace with food and keep the weight off for good.  

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June 2017


Episode 3: Stop dieting, start living!  Dr. Nina gives you specific strategies to stop the sabotage and create a happy, healthy relationship to food (and to yourself). Get her unique mind-body formula to identify what's eating "at" you.


Episode 2:  Stop The Weight Loss Sabotage.  Dr. Nina gives you the reasons you might be sabotaging your weight loss efforts.  She also explains the difference between physical and emotional hunger, explores the connection between clutter and weight loss, and answers calls about willpower and night eating.


Episode 1:  It's Not About Willpower.  Dr. Nina tells you why diets don't work (never trust a four letter word where the first three letters spell "die") and gives you the exact steps you need to make peace with food.