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Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin is a psychoanalyst, author, speaker and internationally-recognized expert in weight, food and body image issues.  Her personal experience with these issues gives her a unique understanding of how to overcome them, and she knows how to create lasting transformation.  She’s been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Prevention, Real Simple, Redbook, Huffington Post and many other publications, and is a frequent guest expert at summits, podcasts, radio and events. Dr. Nina helps people lose weight without dieting by focusing on what’s eating “at” them instead of what they are eating.   In addition to her clinical practice, she writes an award-winning blog, Make Peace With Food, hosts a podcast and video series.  Her book, Food For Thought, on the treatment of eating disorders, is an Amazon bestseller. For more information please visit:

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Wednesday 10:00AM - 10:59AM
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Our culture is obsessed with health, yet 95 percent of all diets fail. This call-in radio program features weekly topics on the subject of weight loss without dieting. Dr. Nina shares the secrets she’s used with thousands of men and women all over the world to create permanent, sustainable weight loss . Using a combination of humor, compassion and expertise, she helps listeners focus on what’s eating “at” them instead of on what they are eating. Dr. Nina gives lively advice and guidance, inspiring the audience to make peace with food and keep the weight off for good.  

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December 2018


More ways to cope (without food)

Dr. Nina describes several ways to cope with difficult or painful emotions without turning to food for comfort or distraction.  She also answers listeners' questions about intermittent fasting, whether bread is a "bad" food, and what to do about problematic family relationships.


What is normal eating?

Dr. Nina gives an overview of normal eating. She shares why willpower doesn't work, and gives tips on how to avoid emotional eating, especially over the holidays. She also talks to Nick about how to handle difficult family relationships.

November 2018


Is it physical or emotional hunger?

Dr. Nina helps you discern between physical and emotional hunger and takes calls from listeners.  She talks to Nicole about how to stop eating too much at night; to Nick about how to stop dieting and start making intuitive eating choices; and to Brian about how to support friends or loved ones who are struggling with holiday


How To Get Through The Holidays Without Gaining Weight

Dr. Nina gives tips and strategies for how to get through Thanksgiving (and other holiday meals) without losing control over food. She tells you exactly how to handle food cravings and what to say to family members who comment about what you're eating. She also takes calls from Karlygash, Nick and Nicole, answering questions about everything from "resetting" after poor food choices to how to avoid talking politics over a holiday meal.


From the best of "The Dr. Nina Show":  All About Willpower
Dr. Nina explores the science and psychology behind the concept of willpower. Do you need willpower to change your relationship to food? She also takes calls from Brian and Shelby, exploring willpower and family dynamics. Don't miss this informative, interesting episode!


"Is Keto a good diet?"
Dr. Nina answers caller Nicole's question about the ketogenic diet and discusses with caller Nick the underlying reasons for his difficulty getting himself to exercise. She also gives tips on how to have fun. When you're enjoying life you won't use food for fun!

October 2018


5 Tips For A Guilt-Free Halloween
Many people think the scariest thing about Halloween is not the vampires, ghosts, goblins or witches. It's the candy. In this episode Dr. Nina shares her five tips for how to get through Halloween without feeling guilty about eating treats. She also takes calls from listeners Nicole and Brian and answers their questions about how to eat less candy.


Calls from listeners
Dr. Nina talks to Nicole about how to stop feeling guilty about food "indulgences" and why she may be having trouble losing those last five pounds.  She also answers questions from Brian, about how common it is for guys to struggle with food, weight and body image issues, and Nick, who is having trouble sticking to an exercise plans.  She provides answers and solutions for how to motivate yourself and heal your relationship to food.


Questions from listeners. 

Dr. Nina talks with Jacqueline, from Canada, who recognizes that her eating issues are connected to issues at home and wants advice on what to do differently; Nicole from Beverly Hills, who wonders if meditation helps cravings; and Janae from Los Angeles, who thinks she is "greedy" and likes food too much.  She also gives tips on how to stop binge eating and be a friend to yourself.


How To Develop Self-Compassion
Dr. Nina answers a listener's question about how to develop self esteem.  She explains the difference between self-compassion and self-esteem, and gives suggestions on how to cultivate a kinder attitude toward yourself.  Her callers asked about how to control cravings for foods, the difference between overeating and binge eating, and the emotions that most often lead to bingeing.


Break Free From Binge Eating!  

It's not about willpower!  Dr. Nina describes the features of binge eating disorder, the most common eating disorder that many people don't know they have.  She gives strategies on what to do instead of bingeing.  She also takes calls from Nicole, who asked the difference between physical and emotional hunger, and Brian, who asked what to do about being triggered by current events.

September 2018


How To Be Your Own Best Friend - Part 2

Dr. Nina finishes discussing ways you can be your own best friend, and explains why that is a crucial part of changing your relationship to food.  She also takes calls from Nick and Larry about what is weighing "on" them, relating those underlying conflicts to what's going on with food.


Anger & How To Be Your Own Best Friend

Dr. Nina shares how to express anger instead of stuffing it.  She gives her number one tip for changing your relationship to food and offers insights on how to be your own best friend.


You Have Such A Pretty Face.

Dr. Nina talks to author Kelley Gunter, who lost 243 pounds and did NOT feel happier. Losing weight did not make her feel good about herself.  Kelley eventually realized that what she was eating was not as important as why.  She wrote about her experiences in her book, You Have Such A Pretty Face, and shares the key to true and lasting happiness.  Get inspired and discover hope!!


Food For Thought

Dr. Nina gives tips and "food for thought" on how to make peace with food, by making peace with yourself.  When you change the way you relate to yourself, you lose weight without trying.  She gives specific examples about changes you can make, and also talks to callers.

August 2018


Inspiration, Ice Cream & Comfort Food
Dr. Nina shares some inspiration about living your most authentic life, explaining the relationship between authenticity and an unhealthy, unhappy relationship to food. She discusses the relationship between ice cream and comfort, and talks to regular caller Nick about his problematic relationship with his son.


Dr. Nina talks with Forbes Riley - an author, award winning television personality, entrepreneur, performer and one of the most sought after keynote speakers in the country. Forbes also struggled with her weight and knows what it’s like to overcome obstacles. She shares her unique and inspiring philosophy and empowers listeners to reach their personal goals, both physical and psychological. She also teaches Dr. Nina how to use her SpinGym. As Forbes says, dream it, believe it, achieve it.


Q & A with Dr. Adrienne Youdim
Dr. Adrienne Youdim returns to The Dr. Nina Show to answer listener questions about health and dieting. She answers questions on the health benefits of honey, apple cider vinegar, and bulletproof coffee, and shares exactly how much exercise you need a day. She also explains the different bariatric surgeries. Don't miss this amazing episode that is chock full of information.


How To Be Kinder To Yourself.  

Dr. Nina explores the connection between kindness and overeating or bingeing.  She also gives specific guidelines on how to be nicer to yourself.  Callers include Nicole, who wanted to know about the eating disorder "chewing and spitting" and Brian from Chicago, who asks for specific strategies to uncover the hidden motivations that keep people stuck.


Frida Kahlo, Inspiration & How To Be Healthier

Dr. Nina shares inspiring stories about Frida Kahlo, using features of the artist's private life and personal struggles to help listeners build self-esteem in the 21st century.   She also takes calls from listeners and challenges six so-called "healthy" choices that often sabotage weight loss efforts.

July 2018


From the best of "The Dr. Nina Show" :  The Science Of Weight Loss
Dr. Nina talks with Clayton Lewis, CEO and co-founder Clayton Lewis, of Arivale, a company based in science that helps you better understand your body and meet your wellness goals. They discuss why Paleo, Keto and other fad diets may be doing more harm than good. They talk about some of the so called "health foods" that may be sabotaging your progress and why you may be taking more supplements than you need. For more information:


7 Ways To Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals


Dr. Nina helps you stop sabotaging your weight loss goals.  She shares the seven common thoughts that undermine your efforts and how to change them.  She also talks to Melinda from Beverly Hills who gives an update about ice cream and asks about the ketogenic diet, Larry from Burbank about reframing the diet mentality, and Brian from Chicago who asked about the difference between psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.


Liberate Yourself From Binge Eating
Dr. Nina gives her tips on how to declare independence from binge eating. She provides helpful strategies to identify what's eating "at" you and gives you actionable steps to create change. She also talks to regular caller Nick, who finds himself unmotivated to exercise.


Declare INDEPENDENCE from binge eating!


Dr. Nina shares the keys to breaking free from food, weight and body image issues.  She talks to callers:  Nick, who feels hopeless about change, Larry from Burbank, who shares how Dr. Nina's VARY acronym has helped him, and Aria, who doesn't know how to give up chocolate.  Don't miss this informative and inspiring episode!

June 2018


Welcome to the post-diet revolution!

Dr. Nina gives specific tips to stop the cycle of binge-eating.  She takes calls from Brian from Chicago, who wanted to help a friend who was too self conscious to go to the gym; Melinda from Beverly Hills, who eats ice cream when she's exhausted at the end of a long day; Larry from Burbank, who wanted advice on how to deal with his mother, and Shelby, who is having issues with her mother-in-law.  Dr. Nina gives strategies and advice on how to handle what is eating "at" you so you can make peace with food for good.


Change your thoughts, change your life!
Thoughts are powerful, and when we change the way we think, we change our relationship to ourselves and to food. Dr. Nina shares the most common cognitive distortions to help you identify the patterns that are affecting you the most. She also talks with Brian from Chicago about whether it's obsessive to work out six days a week.


Dr. Nina discusses the recent high profile suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bordain, and explains why bariatric surgery is linked to an increased risk of suicide.  She also gives strategies for how to comfort yourself without food and takes calls from listeners.  Larry from Burbank asks about how to give himself reassurance when he feels hopeless, and Brian from Chicago asks about cognitive distortions, such as black and white thinking.  Dr. Nina explains other cognitive distortions and tells us how to challenge our thinking.  Don't miss this interesting show!


Have you ever thought, “I’ll be happier when I’m thinner” or, “If I looked better, I’d have a better life,” then you're going to want to listen to this episode.  Dr. Nina talks with Sarah McDaniel, model turned filmmaker and self-described science geek. You may have seen her giving selfie lessons to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. Today,  shares her unusual journey and inspires listeners to look beyond the mirror.  Dr. Nina talks with Sarah about her transformation from overweight teen to superstar model.  They dive into topics ranging from the science of cannabis to the meaning of consciousness, with a blend of humor and passion.  Find Sarah on Instagram:

May 2018


How To Improve Your Body Image
What if you could feel good about your body without losing weight? Sound good? Dr. Nina shares tips on improving the way you feel about yourself and your appearance. She also talks with Brian from Chicago about how to find inspiration on social media without being triggered. She explores the notion of "soul murder" with Larry from Burbank.


Self Love with Dr. Theo Kousouli


Dr. Nina talks with Dr. Theo Kousouli, a mind-body doctor and transformational healer who's written several books, including "Be a Master Of Self Love."  They explore various methods of cultivating self-love and feeling good about yourself, even if you don't feel good about your weight or other aspects of your life.  Don't miss this inspirational, informative episode!  For more about Dr. Kousouli, visit his website:


All About Willpower
Dr. Nina explores the science and psychology behind the concept of willpower. Do you need willpower to change your relationship to food? She also takes calls from Brian and Shelby, exploring willpower and family dynamics. Don't miss this informative, interesting episode!


Interview with Dr. Adrienne Youdim

Dr. Nina talks with Dr. Adrienne Youdim, a renowned physician who specializes in medical weight loss, and medical nutritional therapy, in addition to teaching at UCLA School of Medicine and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, breaks several myths about weight loss and health. Dr. Youdim shares the truth about carbs, Keto and Paleo diets, and how sleep and alcohol may influence hunger and your weight. Find out why she says eating carbs (the right carbs) is always a good thing, and why a Paleo burger may be healthier than certain salads. Connect with Dr. Youdim at


Questions from listeners.
Dr. Nina responds to questions from listeners about the link between drinking and eating. She gives strategies for how to feel less guilty about your food choices. She also talks about the link between helplessness and eating, and talks to a caller, Carrie, about what is eating "at" her.

April 2018


Guest GioVana, holistic psychotherapist.
Dr. Nina talks with GioVana, an holistic psychotherapist and intuitive energy healer, about how to create balance, flow and harmony of mind, body and spirit, which is essential to living a fulfilling healthy joyful life. They find common ground between psychoanalysis and holistic therapy in this engaging and lively interview. GioVana can be reached at:


Episode 44:  Food Guilt
Dr. Nina talks about why we feel guilty and how to change our thinking so we stop feeling guilty about what we eat.  She explains the difference between being selfish and practicing self-care and gives strategies on how to set limits, showing us the relationship between our needs/wants and bingeing or overeating.  She also takes calls from listeners on the subject of how food is used as a weapon and how to overcome guilty memories.


Episode 43: Dr. Nina welcomes frequent callers to the show, "Larry From Burbank", Nick and Giovanni, into the studio. They discuss what it's like to be a guy struggling with food, weight and body image issues from the perspective of their different generations.


Episode 42: The Two Wolves Parable

Dr. Nina explores the Cherokee parable of the two wolves as a way of exploring the different parts of ourselves, that we may label "negative" or "positive." She shows how inner conflict can lead to binge eating or using food to escape.

We all have good and bad within, and the idea is to find balance. Instead of trying to get rid of certain parts of yourself, both literally (weight loss) and figuratively (feelings and thoughts), it's necessary to accept yourself and come to terms with being perfectly imperfect.

March 2018


From the best of "The Dr. Nina Show" : Episode 9:  Special guest celebrity trainer Craig Ramsay.  Dr. Nina and Bravo TV celebrity trainer Craig Ramsay have a spirited and honest conversation about heath, wellness, fitness, and self care. Learn the secret truth about wine and exercise, as well as many other tips for working out both body and mind.


Episode #41:  Stop Fat Shaming Yourself


Dr. Nina shares why fat shaming keeps you stuck in a toxic relationship with yourself, and how it actually prevents weight loss.  In addition to her own thoughts and tips on the subject, she shares strategies from online resources at Health and Tiny Buddha designed to help you stop body shaming yourself.  Read the original articles at: and


Episode #40 - Stop Feeling Self-Conscious


Dr. Nina gives tips on how to feel less self-conscious, and shares Dr. Ashley Greer's tips on how to stop letting other people's opinions control you.  She also introduces four strategies for how to stop fat shaming yourself and talks with Brian from Chicago about why being hard on himself is not the best way to motivate himself.


Episode 39 - The Science Of Weight Loss

Dr. Nina talks with Clayton Lewis, CEO and co-founder Clayton Lewis, of Arivale, a company based in science that helps you better understand your body and meet your wellness goals. They discuss why Paleo, Keto and other fad diets may be doing more harm than good. They talk about some of the so called "health foods" that may be sabotaging your progress and why you may be taking more supplements than you need. For more information:

February 2018


Episode 38 - Fashion & Binge Eating 


Dr. Nina discusses binge eating disorder, which is the most common eating disorder.  She encourages listeners to think about "why" they are turning to food, instead of focusing on what they are eating.  She also gives strategies to feel good about your appearance even though you may not feel good about your weight.


Episode 37: The TRUTH About Sugar Addiction
Dr. Nina explores the truth behind the so-called science of sugar addiction. You may feel like you're addicted to food, but the truth is something else is going on. We have brains but we also have minds and you can overcome an eating addiction (addiction to eating as a way of resolving some kind of psychological conflict) and make peace with food for good.


Episode 36:  Self Love for Valentine's Day 


Dr. Nina discusses the importance of self-love when it comes to our relationship to food and other people.  When we respond to ourselves with love and acceptance, we stop using food for comfort or distraction.  She also shares "A Seven Step Prescription for Self Love by Dr. Deborah Khoshaba (from Psychology Today) and takes calls from regular callers Nick and Larry. 


Episode 35: Calls from listeners. Dr. Nina discusses why "positive thinking" is not good for you, the nature of trauma and how it relates to eating issues, and how to stop emotional eating.

January 2018


Episode 34: Live Young Lifestyle
Many people think they look older after they lose weight, or fear that losing weight will age them. Dr. Nina talks to anti-aging expert Darnell Cox, founder of the Live Young Lifestyle, who gives loads of great tips on skincare, exercise, at-home anti-aging devices, and more. For more tips from Darnell, visit


Episode 33:  Dr. Nina talks about the importance of self-care, offers "A Body Apology" courtesy of her colleague Andrea Wachter, LMFT, teaches strategies for relaxation and talks to a regular caller, "Larry from Burbank."


Episode 32:  Dr. Nina answers the question, "How do I accept my body while I'm in the process of losing weight?"  She takes calls from listeners on a range of topics.


Episode 31: Calls from listeners


Episode 30: 2018 Re-Start Challenge
Dr. Nina tells listeners about her 8 day restart challenge. She discussed recommitting to self-care and reevaluating aspects of your life, and took calls from Nick, who wanted to know how to stop measuring his value by the bathroom scale, and Anne, who needed strategies on how to actualize her goals of self-acceptance.

December 2017


Episode 29: Calls from Listeners & New Years Resolutions
Dr. Nina shares an email about exercise motivation from Martha from NY, talks with Brian from Chicago about whether or not New Years Resolutions are a good idea, and discusses setting boundaries with parents with Larry from Burbank.  She also covered how to say no to people and how to deal with disappointment and invited listeners to join her 2018 Re-Start Challenge on Facebook:;


Episode 28: Calls from listeners & holiday tips
Dr. Nina shares helpful tips on how to get through the holidays without gaining weight. She also talks with Jessica about how to deal with an anxious relative, and gives strategies to feel less stressed, and she helps Anne deal with a family of self-described sugar addicts.


Episode 27 - Meghan Meredith.  Dr. Nina talks about self-care and weight loss with trainer and health coach Meghan Meredith, creator of the HomeBodySoul movement.  Meghan gives several actionable tips on self-care, and gives alternatives to going to the gym.


Episode 26 - Calls from listeners.  Dr. Nina talks to Anne, who shared an update about self-acceptance.  She spoke with Nick, who's afraid to keep ice cream in the house, and others, offering "food for thought" to help listeners and callers create a healthier, happier relationship to food.

November 2017


Episode 25:  Conversation with Mona Dan
Dr. Nina talks with acupuncturist Mona Dan, who merges the wisdom of the east and the knowledge of the west. She tells the audience how acupuncture and the holistic healing can help you achieve your health goals, including weight loss.


Episode 24:  Conversation with John Salley, NBA Champion and Wellness Expert.
Dr. Nina talks with John Salley about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, exploring his experience in the NBA as well as his journey from the streets of Brooklyn to the world stage, as both a basketball player and motivational speaker on the subject of health.  Don't miss this engaging and inspiring interview!


Episode 23: Body Positivity with Kristin West.
Dr. Nina talks with award-winning actress, producer, plus-sized model, radio show co-host and writer Kristin West about how she stays body positive in a culture that privileges thinness as the only way to be beautiful. She gives tips on how to feel good about yourself while you're losing weight, and shares some funny and poignant stories about her experiences as a plus-sized woman in Hollywood. For more about Kristin, please visit:


Episode 22:  Calls from listeners

Dr. Nina talks to Nick from Los Angeles, helping him separate his lovability and likability from the number on the scale.  She discusses the notion of sugar addiction with Anne from New York, giving practical tips about having sugar in moderation and what to tell disapproving family members.  Brian from Chicago wonders if "earning" calories and restricting food when he doesn't work out is normal.  Listen to another lively, interesting conversation between Dr. Nina and a variety of callers!


Episode 21:  Body image, trauma and sexuality.  Dr. Nina talks with Lauren Brim, author of "The New Rules Of Sex" about the relationship between body image, shame, and sexuality.   They explore the underlying reasons why so many women struggle with shame about their bodies and sexuality, and how that relates to body image, weight and food.  For more information on Lauren Brim please visit

October 2017


Episode #20 - Stop The Sabotage.  Dr. Nina helps you stop weight loss sabotage and also explains how to stop feeling hungry by understanding the mind-body connection.  She takes calls from listeners on the subject of self-acceptance and breaking out of diet prison.


Episode #19: "Turn your inner critic into a friend"
Dr. Nina gives actionable strategies to help you develop a happier, healthier relationship to food, by changing the way you relate to yourself.  She also talks with callers about how to calm down and discusses mindfulness.


Episode #18
Dr. Nina speaks to renowned transformational coach and motivational speaker Bershan Shaw and takes calls from a listener about why self-acceptance can be more helpful than self-love.  Bershan is the founder of URAWARRIOR.COM and two-time breast cancer survivor, Bershan has dedicated her life to helping others discover their inner warrior during life’s most difficult journeys. She beat the odds after being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and is now seven years cancer free.  She gives helpful hints about how to feel good about your body and says, “Mindset is everything.”
A driving force in Bershan’s life has been the unshakeable belief that she is meant to help others discover their own inner warrior. In 2011, she became a transformational speaker to women & men worldwide. She then started a unique social networking support site, designed to inspire others during the most difficult times in their lives. The site offers a safe and supportive place where they can find connection, comfort, inspiration, and above all, hope for a brighter tomorrow.   Check out her site at


Episode 17:  Interview with Jeff Witzeman
Dr. Nina talks with filmmaker Jeff Witzeman about his documentary, Cancer Can Be Killed.   He shares how his wife and many others have beaten cancer naturally and they discuss what the medical establishment doesn’t want you to know - which is that there are scientifically-proven alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation.  Don't miss this interesting, informative show!  For more information on the film, visit

September 2017


Episode 16:  Dr. Nina takes calls from listeners on a variety of topics.


Episode 15 - Be a Diet Wiz
Dr. Nina shows how the struggles faced by characters in The Wizard Of Oz relate to common dilemmas that listeners deal with in their daily lives.  For example, the wicked witch is like the internal critic that we must defeat.  The Wizard Of Oz can represent the part of us that feels like we're showing a mask to the world.  She describes the various ways that self-esteem issues are correlated to overeating.
As Dr. Nina puts it, “When you feel as if you’re not good enough, that’s painful and upsetting, and you’re more likely to use food for comfort and distraction.”
She says, “The characters from The Wizard Of Oz can teach you a lot about yourself and help challenge the negative ideas you have about yourself.  When you feel better, it’s easier to make better food choices and lose weight.”  
She also takes calls from listeners about how to approach friends who have eating and/or weight issues.


Episode 14 : Love The Body You Are In
What would be different if you felt good in your body?  Imagine getting up every day and feeling good.  Imagine dressing for comfort instead of camouflage.  Imagine loving the skin you're in.
If that sounds like an impossible dream, you're definitely going to want to tune in to this episode.  Dr. Nina talks with Christie Kearney, a positive body image advocate and international speaker on subject of body positivity, whose motto is "Love the skin you're in!"  
Christie shares how she overcame her body image battles, and how having a positive body image changed her life.


Episode 13:   Special guest Ryan Sheldon 
Ryan Sheldon, creator of the blog Confessions of a Binge Eater, joins Dr. Nina to discuss his experience with binge eating disorder.  He talks about "coming out of the closet" as a guy with an eating disorder, and shares how he deals with the stigma and shame.  In this stereotypic-smashing episode, Dr. Nina and Ryan share personal experiences and offer suggestions on how to overcome food, weight and body image issues.

August 2017


Episode 12:  Lose The Weight Of The Word


Dr. Nina talks about how the way you talk to (and about) yourself impacts the way you feel, and influences what happens with food.  She shares the seven words that make you feel bad about yourself and gives you strategies of what to say instead.


Episode 11: Fred Cuellar of "The Buffer Zone Diet".


In today's show, Dr. Nina talks with author of the bestselling book The Buffer Zone about his weight loss journey and his revolutionary and scientifically-based strategy to lose weight.


Episode 10:   Inspiration & Information  


Dr. Nina offers some inspiring thoughts to help you shift how you relate to yourself, and she explores how self-esteem impacts your relationship to food.  She takes calls from listeners, exploring everything from why Oprah might struggle to lose weight, to how to get rid of the ghosts of the past.  Keep in mind that it is not what you're eating that is the true problem, it's what's eating "at" you.


Episode 9:  Special guest celebrity trainer Craig Ramsay.  Dr. Nina and Bravo TV celebrity trainer Craig Ramsay have a spirited and honest conversation about heath, wellness, fitness, and self care. Learn the secret truth about wine and exercise, as well as many other tips for working out both body and mind.

July 2017


Episode 8:  How To Deal With The Food Police  

Do people comment about your food choices or say negative things about your weight or your health?  In this episode, Dr. Nina gives you step-by-step strategies on how to deal with these situations, empowering you to speak up to the food police and push back against weight shamers.


Episode 7: The Skinny On Fat Talk
Dr. Nina shines a light on fat talk. When people say mean things about their bodies, they feel bad and may even turn to food for comfort or distraction .
In this episode, she provides guidelines for how to stop the fat talk, including a moratorium on discussing body weight and size, reframing negative thoughts, and focusing on the symbolic aspects of fat talk. 
She reminds listeners, “The size of your stomach or thighs doesn’t define you. What defines you is the size of your intellect, the size of your compassion, not the size of your jeans. “  
She challenges the idea that people “feel” fat. As she puts it, "fat is a substance, not a feeling."
Losing weight takes time, but you can drop the fat talk in no time.


Episode 6:   Diet Like A Dog.  What if you took care of yourself as well as you do your dog?  In this episode Dr. Nina gives suggestions on how to feel doggone better and train yourself to have a healthier, happier relationship to food.
If you have a dog, or know someone who does, think of how much better life would be if you treated yourself as well as you treat your dog - or the way your friends treat their dogs - assuming they take good care of them.
If you have a bone to pick with yourself about your weight, you can train yourself to think differently about your physical and emotional needs, wants, feelings and conflicts.
Dr. Nina offers specific suggestions on how to change your mind, which shifts the way you feel, and changes your behavior with food.  When you feel better, you don’t need food for comfort or distraction – and that’s how you win the diet war!


Episode 5:  The Truth About Food Addiction.  Dr. Nina explores the hypes and the science behind the concept of food addiction.  Is it real?  And does that really matter?

June 2017


Episode 4:  #ShakeIt For Self Acceptance.  Self-acceptance is the key to all our relationships.  In today’s episode, Dr. Nina explores the meaning of self-acceptance with special guest, Alli Spotts-De Lazzer, creator of the #ShakeIt For Self Acceptance


Episode 3: Stop dieting, start living!  Dr. Nina gives you specific strategies to stop the sabotage and create a happy, healthy relationship to food (and to yourself). Get her unique mind-body formula to identify what's eating "at" you.


Episode 2:  Stop The Weight Loss Sabotage.  Dr. Nina gives you the reasons you might be sabotaging your weight loss efforts.  She also explains the difference between physical and emotional hunger, explores the connection between clutter and weight loss, and answers calls about willpower and night eating.


Episode 1:  It's Not About Willpower.  Dr. Nina tells you why diets don't work (never trust a four letter word where the first three letters spell "die") and gives you the exact steps you need to make peace with food.