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Kellee White and Dr Shirley Impellizzeri


Kellee and Shirley met in 1997 when Shirley was an intern for Kellee’s mom, a well known psychologist in Beverly Hills.

During that time Kellee was a executive in the corporate world. In 2000, Kellee hit her head, started seeing dead people, got a Master’s Degree in psychology, became Shirley’s intern, got licensed and the rest is history!

While Kellee was learning psychology from Shirley, Shirley was also learning about spirituality from Kellee.

They realized the incredible healing potential by combining both aspects of a person’s life and are dedicated to help people heal from Both Sides…NOW!

Understanding your purpose in this lifetime and healing what keeps you from the life you want, helps you become conscious, present and embodied, healing your mind, body and spirit!

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Monday 12:00PM - 12:59PM
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“At times life can be intense, painful and frustrating. However, there is always more than one explanation as to why things happen the way they do. In navigating life, it’s all about perspective. We created the Both Sides Now radio show and community as a safe place to examine and discuss serious issues from both a psychological and spiritual perspective. We feel that when you look at complex issues from both sides, you’ll have a better understanding of why you’re experiencing the issue and how to heal it.

Our genuine intention is to bring awareness and healing with the essential tools you need to navigate through life’s “curve balls” and complex issues. So please call in or post your questions or issues. Together we will help you understand what’s troubling you, navigate through it and ultimately heal and move forward with strength, wisdom and a renewed sense of purpose.”

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