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Growing up in the streets of New York City nearly fifty years ago, I learned quickly that life wasn’t going to be a fairy tale. My parents, along with my two brothers and I, shared a 500 square foot apartment in the projects. For those of you who think white people never lived in the projects, please remember financial inequality knows no boundaries; yes, some tribes of humanity have, for the most part, been able to shield themselves from hardship, but the New York I knew was a melting pot of hard-working families of all creeds and color, all barely making ends meet. My circle of friends was representative of this idea, affording me the opportunity to rub elbows with all kinds of people. This influenced me greatly, as it taught me that people were a) pretty much the same and yet b) had unique life perspectives that I could learn from and assimilate into my personal worldview.
Born of the Jewish faith, it was my indoctrination into manhood (my Bar Mitzvah) that first set me upon a path of self-discovery. It was around this time that I read “Siddhartha,” and took to heart the notion of looking inward for enlightenment. Although I was absorbing this as a personal truth, I was constantly seeking the wisdom of others as my ADHD began to rear its ugly head. I tried to bury my body and soul into the notion of hard work, but having an authority figure dictate the definition of what hard work was never sat well with me, resulting in the loss of countless jobs. This internal struggle, the push and pull of working to accumulate wealth, while being heavily influenced by the notion of releasing all material possessions, was something that haunted me throughout my life as a young adult.
As a result of deep, regular and consistent meditation practices, I found a universal truth beyond all truths that I previously believed. That truth lies within the love and light that exist in each and every one of us. But through all of this hardship, including a terrible divorce, a near bankruptcy, and three attempted suicides, I came out on the other side with a life-affirming perspective. I could have succumbed to the darkness, but I chose instead to step into the light.
My next adventure, my grand design is to share with all those who wish to hear it: a healthy, drug-free methodology that will completely transform your inner and outer experience. This is not just an idea, not a philosophy, but a complete way of living. What I have discovered through time spent meditating by myself and interacting with the world around me is nothing short of a miracle, and it is now my calling to help those who need it, to provide truth to people blinded by lies, and to save lives whenever and wherever I can.
Peace, Love, Grace, and Namasgar,
Baba Gar

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Join Baba Gar in his journey of self-exploration and making sense of the world around us. Have we discovered the information we know on our own, or what it simply just told to us by someone else? Time to wake're only living up to your full potential when your mind is AWAKE!

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