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I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing as an Intuitive Psychotherapist. My emphasis is on promoting personal growth and transformation by bringing you interviews with leaders in the: psychological, social, spiritual, emotional, cognitive, financial, physical, artistic, entertainment, and business communities and industries. We hope to motivate and inspire you to your own greatness.

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January 2020


My guest is Mistress Justine Cross. She is Los Angeles's premier Lifestyle Dominatrix and BDSM Consultant. She has been featured in Playboy, Bravo, The Guardian, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, LA Weekly, and is a speaker an educator at UCLA and other media outlets. We discuss her work with couples facilitating communication and understanding through education of BDSM practices, consent, and exploration. Learn more about her educational seminars, classes, and events at


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My guest is Melanie Nathan, Executive Director of the African Human Rights Coalition, Activist, Blogger, Speaker, and Mediator. Her work has been featured on MSNBC, NPR, BBC News, The New York Times, VICE, and others. Learn more and consider a tax deductible donation at Follow her award winning blog at:

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My solo show leading you through a process of setting intentions for your new year in both general and specific ways. I offer techniques and practices to maintain your well- being while anticipating the manifestation of your intentions. Happy New Year!

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December 2019


My guest is Jenn Taylor, blogger, author, speaker, host of "The Naked Podcaster," and mom of 18 children! We discuss work/life/parenting/relationship balance, and being authentic. Learn more about her work at

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My guest is Founder and Executive Director of Reconnect Integrative Trauma Treatment Center in Pacific Palisades, CA. Dr. Karol Darsa has created finely attuned body based procedures and therapies integrating a holistic approach to treat and heal trauma at

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We categorize people within 7 seconds and put them into "boxes" These boxes become our stereotypes. Personal branding strategist, author, and speaker Runa Magnus Dottir works with individuals and corporations, including the United Nations, and discusses shifting our personal stereotypes. Find her at and

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My guest is Zack Friedman discussing his book, The Lemonade Life: How to Fuel Success, Create Happiness, and Conquer Anything. After lunching with Warren Buffett, Zack sought to understand how we each achieve greatness based upon 5 dominant personality types. See where you fit, and use his practical steps to empower yourself. Zack attended Harvard, Columbia, and Johns Hopkins, is CEO and Founder of "Make Lemonade," and is a columnist for Forbes with over 1 million readers per month. Order his book at: 


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November 2019


My guest is JF Benoist, author of Addicted to the Monkey Mind: Change the Programming That Sabotages Your Life. He is founder of The Exclusive Hawaii, a residential treatment facility utilizing his Experiential Engagement Therapy techniques for healing from addiction, eating disorders, and related disorders. JF leads ongoing education seminars, learn more at:


My inspiring guest is Jennifer Griffith discussing how to become debt free as she and her husband did through the practices of an "intentional lifestyle." Now Griffith teaches these techniques through her lifestyle blog and podcast series found at

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My guest is Human Design expert, Erin Claire Jones discussing the power of utilizing this blueprint of your energetic DNA. Sourced from ancient traditions, the multi faced charting system can be used by individuals, couples, and businesses to work from a Strengths Based perspective operating in alignment with one's unique design. Learn more and book sessions at


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I share 20 Spiritual "Hacks" that change your life by applying them! Watch the IGTV video series on Instagram at unfolding now with one video being launched per day for you. 


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October 2019


My guest is Terri Cole, LCSW. Psychotherapist to Fortune 500 CEO's, TV Personalities, and hundreds of thousands of women she empowers through her podcast, online videos, and virtual courses. Featured on and in Elle, Glamour, CNN, Bravo, Cosmopolitan, NY Times, Hay House, VH1, & The Real Housewives. We discuss transference, triggers, boundaries, and her upcoming online course, The Real Love Revolution. Learn more at


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Known as the "Bridge Coach," Sue Lundquist bridges spirituality with practicality to create change and facilitate the reclamation of your power and confidence! Learn more:

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Enlightening conversation about healing the body, mind, and spaces through the use of Intuitive Guidance and Energy channelled by Reiki Level III Practitioner Deb Rosenberg, Founder and Owner of

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"Relationship- Do You Really Want One?" Co-written by Simone Milasas and her former partner, Brendon Watt. What do you desire to create in a new relationship, or change in the one you are in? Single? Sex? Simone and I discuss it all! Learn more at:

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My guest, Guy Macpherson, PhD, founded "The Trauma Therapist" Podcast with over 400 episodes to date! We candidly discussed the impact of trauma upon our own lives and co-morbidity with addiction. We offer insights, authenticity, self-awareness, and vulnerability as tools of healing from trauma and its effects. Learn more at:

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September 2019


Grammy Award Winner, co-writer of "Sexual Healing" with Marvin Gaye, and NY Times Bestselling author David Ritz discusses his Memoir: "The God Groove: A Blues Journey to Faith." We share a candid conversation about addiction and recovery, authenticity and fear, and writing books with Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, B.B. King, Smokey Robinson, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Jerry Wexler, Grand Master Flash, Willie Nelson Lenny Kravitz, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Rick James, Buddy Guy, and The Neville Brothers to name a few of the 55!

Learn more at:


My guest is Dr. Robert T. Muller We discuss his book Trauma and the Struggle to Open Up. Topics include: Attachment style as a template from which we create intimacy, and working with trauma in the client/therapist relationship. He's a bestselling author trained at Harvard University, and currently a Professor of Clinical Psychology at York University in Toronto, and has the "Talk About Trauma" blog on Psychology Today found here:
Order his books here:

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My guest is Dr. Lisa Cooney, bestselling author of "Radically Alive Beyond Abuse," and "The Lies of Money." Dr. Lisa teaches Access Consciousness and Being You facilitation around the world, in individualized coaching programs, workshops, and classes. Reach out to learn more and schedule with her:


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My guest is Chad Penot- Bass Player of Flow Tribe, an American funk rock band,melting pot of sound from New Orleans, LA. We discuss balancing touring life with family life, rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina through the healing power of music, and play their music on our episode. Learn more at

August 2019


Antoinette Kuritz is back on my podcast discussing humorous encounters with NY Times Bestselling Authors at the La Jolla Writers Conference, and offers listeners practices to begin, and steps to take to get your book published. Learn more about her work at and

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My guest today is my father, Dr. Ash Tahir. He came to NYC from Pakistan with $20 in his pocket over 50 years ago. He discussed growing up in poverty, coming to the US and finding freedom. We discuss mindfulness, religion, nature, and finding your inner happiness.


I am my own guest today, taking some time out to talk about my life, and current experiences. Thanks for the listen!

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My guest is Patrick Kilpatrick, who has a 40 year career in Hollywood cast opposite Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Sean Connery, Mark Harmon and others, often playing the role of a villain. He wrote as a journalist for TIME, NY Times, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Psychology Today, etc. and acted on Broadway to get his start. We discussed his Memoir: "Dying For a Living," and his mentorship program giving back to young actors. Learn more at


My guest is Licensed Psychotherapist, author, and blogger Bryan Robinson, Phd. He's featured on Forbes, Psychology Today, ABC, NBC, NY TImes, Wall Street Journal, endorsed by Gloria Steinem, Alanis Morissette, Tara Brach and has published over 40 books! We discuss his recent book, " #CHILL: Turn Off Your Job and Turn On Your Life."

Learn more at

July 2019


My guest, Jessica Jeboult, works with women in recovery from addiction through her online community, "A Sober Girls Guide," as a Life Coach, blogger, and author of, "Save Your Own Damn Life." We discuss all of this and how she can help you! Find her at:

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My guest is Social Mediologist, Jay Izso. He's a psychological business consultant and manager of the Psychological Marketing Network on Linkedin, an author of 4 books, and host of, A New Direction Podcast. Learn more at


My guest is retired tennis pro Julie Heldman who's earned a Top 5 World Ranking by beating Billie Jean King, Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova, acquiring 22 pro titles, and several Olympic Medals. We discuss her memoir, " Driven: A Daughter's Odyssey," where she reveals growing up in an emotionally abusive household, and overcoming her own mental health issues through therapy and writing. Find her book at:


From the best of "All Things Therapy" : My first solo show today: Inter"sex"tion of Greek Mythology, Psychology, Astrology, and Spirituality... I talk about the transformation of Chiron (the archetypal Wounded Healer) with an Admonition, Affirmation, and 3 Steps every listener can use to break old patterns quickly to be happier, more prosperous, experience more love, and ... ...

June 2019


My guest for a 2nd time is Mark Mezadourian. He provides clients with intuitive guidance to remove blocks, and increase peace by connecting with the Angels who surround us at all times. Mark leads us in a guided meditation to clear and release anxiety, and restore us to wholeness during the show. Book sessions with him at

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My guest is Edie Simone, MA, CMT, a Psychic Reader for over 40 years of experience. She recalls having ESP since being a teenager. Book sessions with her at


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My guest for a 2nd time is LouAnne Ludwig. We focus on her work as a medical intuitive and how to tune into our body as a tool of communication. Learn more at

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My guest is author Jane Binns, we discuss her memoir, "Broken Whole." We delve into the human heart as it relates to intimate relationships, vulnerability and strength:

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May 2019


My guest is singer-songwriter Angela Predhomme. She performs her song, "Beautiful Truth" live on the show! Learn more about her, and download her soulful and uplifting music on iTunes, Pandora, YouTube and:

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My guest Nick Haines, is an international speaker, strategist, author, and co-founder of The Five Institute. He teaches on the influence of the Chinese energies (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal) through the "Vitality Test." We will discuss challenges to self-care and self-kindness, though we are inundated with various methods and modalities. Learn more about his work at


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My guest today is Princeton Graduate and author Nicole Llera discussing her novel, Permission to Bloom. It's an inspiring story of a college student navigating mental illness and utilizing her natural supports to find her inner strength.

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Today's guest is Dr. Arwen Podesta, a Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist with sub specialties in addiction medicine, forensic psychiatry, integrative and holistic medicine. She is author of "Hooked: A Concise Guide to the Underlying Mechanics of Addiction and Treatment for Patients, Families, and Providers." Her clinic provides evidence based treatments including: medication, nutritional supplements, acupuncture, massage, psychotherapy, lifestyle and behavioral modifications. Dr. Podesta is a Clinical Faculty member at both Tulane and Louisiana State University's, a Distinguished Fellow by the American Psychiatric Association, and President of the LA Chapter of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Learn more at and

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My guest is Tiffani Churchill, CEO of Impactful Productions. As a transformational leader, producer, and writer, Tiffani creates content, films, and courses that connect people to their own inner power, and to each other. Learn more at:

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April 2019


My guest is Rabbi/Cantor Judy Greenfeld, the Founder and Spiritual Leader of Nachshon Minyan Synagogue. She is the co-author of: Minding The Temple of the Soul, and Entering The Temple of Dreams. Both books give practical applications of Jewish prayer through movement and meditation to start and end your day with. We had a beautiful conversation about how Nachshon Minyan welcomes all people regardless of faith. This is a community who's purpose is promote connection between people to find purpose, and experience wellness and longevity through ancient wisdom. Learn more at


My guest is the soulful and spiritual Actor, Composer, and Singer Kirk Taylor We go from how he got "tricked" into acting in high school, to his recent role as St. Peter in "Revival!" We've seen him in Full Metal Jacket, Death Wish 3, and School Daze to name a few. Find more at

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My guests today are co-authors Dr. Ash Eldifrawi and Dr. Alex Lickerman discussing their genius book with me, "The Ten Worlds: The New Psychology of Happiness." A hands on guide to upgrading our happiness based upon shifting our belief system and transforming core delusions. Learn more at:

March 2019


My guest is Jill Rubin, LCSW :: Psychotherapist & Relationship Coach. We discuss how to find our inner alignment, and then embrace empowerment! Learn more at:


My guest is organizational guru, Jane Stoller. She's an international speaker, University instructor, and author of, "Organizing For Your Lifestyle." Jane travels the world working with individuals and corporations to de-clutter spaces, and organize business processes. Find out more at:


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From the best of "All Things Therapy" : Today's guests are Dr. Shari Taylor and Lori Tipton. We discussed MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder). MDMA achieved 'Breakthrough Therapy Designation' by the FDA in 2017, and will be available legally by prescription in 2021 to treat PTSD in the widespread population of the US. Learn more: and\@loritipton

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My guest is Prem Glidden, my own Love, Life, and Relationship Coach. She offers wise counsel and support so her clients can achieve their greatest potential. Spirituality infuses her practice as a Senior Conscious Uncoupling, and Calling in The One Certified Coach, as well as Lifeline Technique Certified practitioner. She hosts the "Transforming Relationships" Radio show on News for the Soul. I can't say enough about how wonderful she is! Learn more at:

February 2019


Today is my 3 year anniversary show! My guest is my friend and mentor, Katherine Woodward Thomas! She is the NY Times Bestselling Author of "Conscious Uncoupling" and "Calling in The One." Katherine has been featured on CNNTIMEBBC NewsToday ShowABC, and many others. I'm excited to have her on for a 3rd time, as she has enriched my life in wonderful ways! Learn more at:


My guest is Devon Loftus, founder of Moon Cycle Bakery. She creates nutrient dense, and hormone supportive sweet treats that are delivered to your door during your cycle. Ingredients are used that naturally treat period symptoms. She's been featured in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, and Parents Magazine, learn more at:


Today's show on Valentine's day is an opportunity to give some love to our precious animals. I highlight Vegan Scene Boutique in Venice, CA founder Amy Rebecca Wilde. She has a philosophy of Activism via commerce. #veganfashion #valentinesday

Check out Amy at:

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Today's guest is Debra Berndt-Maldonado  We discuss Jungian Psychology, and her and her husband's work (Dr. Rob Maldonado) on mastering love, work, and success through empowered relationships. They have been featured on: ABCNBCFox NewsCosmopolitan, Publishers Weekly, The Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine. Learn more:

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January 2019


My guest is Ronald Alexander, PhD, discussing his book,Wise Mind Open Mind. We deep dive into Buddhist teachings that underlie a mindfulness meditation practice, and the benefits of this practice when facing change, crisis, and loss. Learn more:


My guest is Barbara Walden, Hollywood actress from 1960-1977 alongside Charlton Heston, Mickey Rooney, Bob Hope, Paul Newman, Shirley MaClaine, Nat King Cole, and Jodie Foster. She's featured in TIMEVogue, and Cosmopolitan for Barbara Walden Cosmetics founded in 1968, the first commercially sold cosmetic line for African American Women. She is a humanitarian awarded by the City of Los Angeles, The CA Legislature Assembly, and the CA State Assembly. 

Learn more:


My guest today is dear friend and mentor Author Ora Nadrich discussing her new book, LIVE TRUE: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity. She is the Founder and President of The Institute For Transformational Thinking, a Mindfulness Meditation teacher, Life Coach, and has been featured on: ABC News,HuffPostFast Company, Women's Health, Reader's Digest, mindbodygreen, ZipRecruiter. Find her at:


My guest today is Remedio Labs discussing their CBD + Terpenes Inhalation Pen. CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation, pain, anxiety, depression, and addiction. They provide the highest quality and concentration of organic CBD available with 40+ years of industry knowledge.

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Today's guests are Dr. Shari Taylor and Lori Tipton. We discussed MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder). MDMA achieved 'Breakthrough Therapy Designation' by the FDA in 2017, and will be available legally by prescription in 2021 to treat PTSD in the widespread population of the US. Learn more: and\@loritipton

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December 2018


My guest is Iris Waichler, LCSW with over 40 years of practice in Medical Social Work. Her writing is featured in Forbes, Parade, Good Housekeeping, Red Book, and Mind Body Green. Her book, "Role Reversal: how to Take Care of Yourself and Your Aging Parents" has won 8 awards including Finalist for Best Book of the Year by USA Booknews. Find out more at:


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My guest today is Sarah Woodard of Stone Bridge Transformation. She is a spiritual educator, certified Shamanic practitioner, author, blogger, and podcaster. We talk about alternative modalities for healing by utilizing psycho-spiritual techniques. Find her at:


My guest is author and intuitive healer, LouAnne Ludwig. We discuss a practical approach to spirituality featured in her book, “A Journey Within” and talk about both being Type A personalities! Find out more:


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My guest is comedian, actor, writer, and producer Jackie Monahan. She has performed on Showtime, VH-1, Comedy Central, and voted Best New Comic by Esquire Magazine! We discuss among many things, why she would be a therapist if she had to have a day job!? Find her at:

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November 2018


My guest is Lauren Waggoner, a certified Kundalini Sound Healer. She gifts us with a live Kundalini sound bath in this episode and invites us to experience the science of sound:


My solo show on mindful consumerism with tips to manage holiday stress!


From the best of "All Things Therapy" : My guest is Tarra Judson Stariell, LMFT, CBT. We discuss her book: Lost and Found: A True Story of Brain Washing and Recovery. Tarra escaped a cult and became a Licensed healing practitioner treating survivors of trauma and abuse with a center in San Diego, CA. Find her at:


My guest today is Stephanie Levenston. She is an Intuitive channel and spiritual guide. We discussed her life, work, and TEDx Talk! Find her at:
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My guest is Julie Ward, Founder of Fresh Food Alchemy. We explore nutrition, plant based diets, and eating to boost your immune system! Find out more at:

October 2018


My guest is Jonas Casey Jones, Founder and CEO of Online Mental Health, a HIPPA compliant platform that connects companies, individuals, and families with mental health providers via their website. Sessions are conducted online or in-person. They are the future of mental health. Learn more at:


My guest today was International speaker, Mystic, poet, yogini, and artist Vivianne Nantel. She discussed her spiritual memoir, "Becoming the Light: Realize Your True Enlightened Nature." Themes addressed include: transforming trauma into meaning, surrender, Shakti, Kriya, and developing your own spiritual practices! Learn more at:


From the best of "All Things Therapy" : My guests today are Kay Baxter, Esq. and Nicole Russell, Esq. They discussed communication techniques and strategies for women who are working in a dominantly male industry. Baxter is Partner at Cosmich, Simmons & Brown. Russell is Owner and Director of Trading Counsel Solutions.

Find Kay Baxter at:, cell: 504 460-2365 & office direct dial: 504 799-0503

Find Nicole Russell at:


My guest is Melanie Phillips of Madhuri Ayurveda & Yoga talking about her Amazon #1 selling book, "Living After Loss- A Soulful Guide to Freedom." Melanie is a Certified Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Yoga teacher, and Spiritual Coach. Learn more at:

September 2018


My guest is Dr. Beth Ricanati. We discussed her book, Braided: A Journey of a Thousand Challas about Jewish tradition and metaphor through making Challah for self-care. Find out more at:


My guest is Sufi Degerli. She is an Infant Care Specialist, Childbirth Educator, Doula, and Intuitive for over 15 years. Her work is unique in that she is a Spirit Baby Reader and Medium who is able to translate the inner life of babies to their caretakers. Learn more at:



My guest is Sarah Gabbert of Marigold Sewing Studio discussing mindfulness in creativity through her class, “Sewing for Self-Care.” Learn more at:


My guest is Our House Grief Support Center in Los Angeles, CA providing support services to children, adolescents, and adults who have experienced the death of a loved one. FInd out more at:

August 2018


My guest is Dr. Traci Stein of Columbia University. We discussed her book on Integrative Pain Management. She is a Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Hypnotherapist, Intuitive, and writes for, O (Oprah Magazine), Shape, Bustle, and worked with Dr. Oz. Find her at:


My guest is the Director of Education at the Institute For Transformational Thinking, social activist, and meditation teacher, Ben Decker. We discussed his bestselling book, Meditation for Beginners - 10 Days to a Happier, Calmer You. Find him at: and


My guest today is Wendy Yellen, a practitioner of Eidetic Psychology.
An "eidetic" is an image derived in a meditative state, and gives us a snapshot of our current consciousness. She guides us through the process during a live 10 minute session. Find her at:


My guest is Dr. Dain Heer. A teacher and speaker on consciousness and change. We discuss his Internationally Bestselling book, "Being You, Changing the World." Find him at:


My guest is songwriter Johnny Mace. His songs are soulful with themes of romance spread throughout. Find him on YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, and here on iTunes:

July 2018


My guest is Beth Fortman-Brand. We discuss her 2 books sourced from her work as a Transformational Intuitive Facilitator and Spiritual Life Coach. She had to change her own life first by learning to love herself more deeply, and now offers those techniques to individual and corporate clients. Find her at:


My guest is Daphne Maxwell Reid, AKA "Aunt Viv" from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Actress, activist, artist, and clothing designer. She was the first black woman on the cover of Glamour Magazine, and has started 2 new careers at age 60! Find out more at:


My guest today is Rabbi Manis Friedman. Sourced in Hasidic Judaism and Kabbalah, we discussed his book: "The Joy of Intimacy: A Soulful Guide to Love, Sexuality & Marriage". He's featured on CNN, A& E, Rolling Stone, Seventeen, PBS, and BBC Worldwide. Find him at:


My guest is author Bella Mahaya Carter of "Raw: My Journey from Anxiety to Joy, A Memoir." We had a lively discussion about her journey to self heal through a raw vegan diet, and how that led to her spiritual awakening! Find out more at:

June 2018


My guest today is author Cindi Michael. We discuss themes of narcissism, forgiveness, faith, and strength that run through her memoir, "A Sportscaster's Daughter." Find her at:


My guest is Marc Treitler, author of "My Dad is an Alcoholic: What About Me? A Pre-Teen Guide to Conquering Addictive Genes," and "Alcohol Drugs & You: A Young Person's Guide to Avoiding Addiction." Find out more at:


My guest is Tarra Judson Stariell, LMFT, CBT. We discuss her book: Lost and Found: A True Story of Brain Washing and Recovery. Tarra escaped a cult and became a Licensed healing practitioner treating survivors of trauma and abuse with a center in San Diego, CA. Find her at:


My guests today are Kay Baxter, Esq. and Nicole Russell, Esq. They discussed communication techniques and strategies for women who are working in a dominantly male industry. Baxter is Partner at Cosmich, Simmons & Brown. Russell is Owner and Director of Trading Counsel Solutions.

Find Kay Baxter at:, cell: 504 460-2365 & office direct dial: 504 799-0503

Find Nicole Russell at:

May 2018


My guest today is Yvonne L Larson discussing her work as the The Neck Work Expert. Her work teaches people and companies to live from an inner space of inspiration. Find her at:


My guest is American Diplomat Kali Jones. She has served as a US Foreign Service Officer since 2002 including working under Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in the Dept. of State Operations Center in DC. Her posts include: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and Brasilia, Brazil. She lectured on Constitutional Law in the Political Science Dept. at Howard University in DC, and has been Diplomat in Residence at Tulane University. Her next post begins June 2018 in Botswana as Deputy Chief of Mission. She is an inspiration. Find her at:


My guest is Cassandra Bodzak, author of, "Eat with Intention: Recipes and Meditations for a Life That Lights You Up." Each vegan recipe is accompanied by a meditation and an affirming mantra to help you create new rituals around food, and infuse love into the relationship you have with your body. Find her at:


My guest is Jean Dangler, PhD. She is professor and Chair of the Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese at Tulane University. We discuss her book on the "professionalism" of medicine to exclude and marginalize women from the healing arts. "Mediating Fictions: Literature, Women Healers, and the Go-Between in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia." Find her at:


My guest is Arianna Kramer, a Reiki Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor, and Certified Hypnotherapist through the Marisa Peer School of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). Find her at:

April 2018


My guest is Laurie St.Clare, Evolutionary Astrologer, Reflexologist, and Intuitive. We discuss transiting Chiron, Uranus, and Saturn and what this means for your emotions. Find her at:


My guest is co-founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas discussing how we are the source for creating the changes we desire. He's a bestselling author, international speaker and facilitator. Access Consciousness was his answer to, "What can I do to help the World."


My guest today was Children Incorporated. They provide education, hope, and opportunity to children of 23 countries, including the US. You can sponsor a child for $30 a month in New Orleans, Detroit, Navajo Nation, Appalachia, DC, or worldwide to have food for the weekends, clothing, books, healthcare, and education. Find them at:

March 2018


My guest: Roni Beth Tower, PhD shared in an authentic dialogue about bringing your "whole" and healed self to romantic partnership. She is a Yale Professor formerly in the Clinical Psychology Dept. and Medical School, and has written for: USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Glamour, Family Circle, Seventeen, Redbook, Cosmopolitan, and under "Life Refracted." Her memoir is: "Miracle at Midlife: A Transatlantic Romance.


From the best of "All Things Therapy" : Today I'm with world expert on Loss and Grief, Author of 5 books and speaker: David Kessler. He co-authored two bestsellers with the legendary Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, and has received praise by Mother Teresa.  He's featured on CNN, NBC, Fox, PBS, Dr. Oz,, Anderson Cooper 360 and The Huffington Post. Find him at:


My guest is Frank Ford, founding member of Four Day Weekend. This Improv Troupe has performed for President Obama, Vice President Biden, and works with Universities and Corporations to teach empathetic listening, being in the moment, and practices of non-judgement. They have a training center that teaches Improv classes: Four Day Weekend Training Center. We discussed their National-Bestselling book "Happy Accidents: The Transformative Power of 'Yes, And' at Work and in Life." Find them at:


My guest in honor of International Women's Day is Alexis Cartwright, Founder of Transference Healing, coming to us live from Australia. She talks about the influence of Chiron in 2018 and using this Master 11/2 Universal Year to heal ourselves. She ends with a lightbody guided healing. Find her at:


Today is my 2-year anniversary show! The journey has expanded me in every way. My guest for a 2nd time is Katherine Woodward Thomas, a Love-olutionary whose work has reached hundreds of thousands of people through her virtual and in-person learning communities! She is a NY Times Bestselling author of 2 books, licensed Psychotherapist, Inspirational Speaker, and featured on CNN, BBC News, TIME, ABC. We are discussing her book, Calling in "The One". Find her at:

February 2018


I'm grateful to SupersouL Solutions for joining us live from Prague, Czech Republic to share insights into creating a "Wealth Blueprint" by excavating belief systems around the "5 Types of Money." Find out more at:
Use Discount Code: lisaspecial98 to get the program for $98 instead of $297.


My guest is Elena Carne' Founder of Tepuy Activewear. She began selling hand sewn bathing suits at 15, then was forced to leave her country due to political upheaval. She found political asylum in the USA, and speaks about the value of determination and perseverance. Her line is inspired by her Venezuelan roots, and can be found at:


My guest is Ron Blake of the Blake Late Show on FB and Twitter. We discuss his Tedx Talk on how, "Strangers, Hope, and Sharpie Markers Saved My Life." FInd him at:


My guest is Taetrece Harrison-Esq. She is running for Judge, for Civil District Court- Division "A" in New Orleans, LA. We are going to discuss her platform and how she will bring integrity to the Court system! Find her at:

January 2018


My guest is Katie Hill, running for Congress in CA's 25th District. We discussed: Healthcare, Immigration, the Housing Shortage, Rep Tax Plan, Sexual Harassment/Men Abusing Power, Money in Politics, and Common Sense Gun Safety Laws. Support her at:


My Guest is Amanda Young. We're discussing how as women, we can learn from the ancient wisdom, myths, and stories of Goddesses from various cultures to embody the power of the divine feminine. A timely topic with the Women's March on January 20, 2018! FInd her and her workshops at:


This is a 2nd appearance for my inspiring guest Ora Nadrich, Founder and President of the The Institute For Transformational Thinking. She is a certified Life Coach, certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher, and authored: "Says Who? How One Simple Question Can Change the Way You Think Forever." Her work has been featured by: Women's Health Magazine, Reader's Digest, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, Fast Company, Success Magazine, Spirituality & Health, ABC News, NBC News, The Huffington Post. Find her at:


My guest is Glass Artist Kait Rhoads. Her blown glass forms utilizing Italian patterning with cane and murrini are a homage to organic growth, diatoms, crystalline structures, and beckon to us to revere the perfection found in nature. Her works can be found in world class centers including the: Seattle Art Museum, Shanghai Museum of Glass, Corning Museum of Glass, Chihuly Collections. Find her at:

December 2017


My guest is Internationally renowned glass sculptor and instructor Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen! Her work is inspired by her passion for the earth and nature. She teaches around the world including working 70 summer sessions at Pilchuck Glass School. This YouTube video shows her at work:


My guest: Professor Gene Koss, Founder of the Tulane University Glass Art Department in 1976. His career spans 41 years in creating monumental 3-8 ton glass and steel mixed media sculptures. He's exhibited in 50 one man show's, 245 group shows, conducted 89 workshops and lectures around the world, and is in major museums and private collections all over the world. He's has received multiple grants from the NEA, has been interviewed on NPR, WYES, WLAE, published in over 150 articles and books, including "Who's Who in American Art," and is represented by Arthur Roger Gallery. We will discuss his prolific career and his new book coming out in 2018! I've assisted him working around the world for over 21 years.


My guest today is Tara Igoe, a once Corporate Executive gone Yoga teacher, Intuitive Healer, and Coach. Her Tedx and website are below:


My guest is Loree Gold: Performance art storyteller, songwriter, award winning writer/producer for commercials, television, documentaries, and screenplays featured on: CBS, ABC Disney, CMT, PBS. She's creator of the one-woman multimedia show, "SNATCHED: Stories From Down There." A humorous exploration on themes of sexual ageism and women coming into power by reclaiming their voice! Find her at:

November 2017


My guest today is Clinical Psychologist Mary E. Plouffe, Ph.d. We discuss her Memoir: "I Know it in my Heart, Walking Through Grief with a Child." A show for anyone who has lost a sibling, or a parent. Find her at:


From the best of "All Things Therapy": Linda Misleh Wagner is an obesity survivor who gained and lost over 1000 lbs before she found peace.  From a Palestinian family, her book: As Is: Confessions of a True Fatty detail her journey. Find her at:


My guest is Loraine Van Tuyl, Ph.D, CHT, Holistic Psychologist, Shamanic Healer, Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, ordained minister, and author of "Amazon Wisdom Keeper: A Psychologist's Memoir of Spiritual Awakening." Find her at:


My guest is Christine Van Loo, Olympic Female Athlete of the Year, Athlete of the Decade, Master Aerialist Instructor, and Mindset Speaker who's performed at the Grammys, American Music Awards, Madison Square Garden, Sydney Opera House, featured in National Geographic, Time/Life Books, on NBC, ESPN, and Ellen Degeneres. Find her:


My guest is Linda Joy Myers, Ph.D who is a Therapist, President and Founder of the National Association of Memoir Writers. We're discussing: "Song of the Plains: A Memoir of family, Secrets, and Silence," on themes of neglect, abuse, and mental illness transformed into love, forgiveness, and hope. Find her at:

October 2017


My guest is Cindy Fulsom, owner of Vitality Flow. She is a Reiki Master, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, and Holistic Nutritional Counselor. Find her at:


My guest is: Betsy Graziani Fasbinder is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Author, Speaking and Writing Coach. Today we discuss her memoir- "Filling Her Shoes: A Memoir of an Inherited Family." FInd her at:


​My guest is Joanne Lavin, celebrity wardrobe stylist to A list actors, musicians, Networks, and Television like: OWN, MTV, NBC, Bravo, FOX, American Idol, Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, Hilary Swank, Justin TImberlake, etc.  Find her at:


My guest is Dr. Sue Morter, Founder of the Morter Institute for Bio Energetics and Member of the Transformational Leadership Council. She teaches people to remove blocks from their subconscious minds using techniques she has developed from Quantum Science, Energy Medicine, and spirituality. Find her at:


September 2017


My guest is Patricia Maher talking with me about how she has utilized Astrology and Homeopathy as tools for healing over the last 40 years in practice. FInd her below:


​My Guest is Professor of History at Tulane University, Karissa Haugeberg. Her book, "Women Against Abortion," is acclaimed by The New Yorker and The New York Review of Books.

Find it at:'women-against-abortion'


Today I'm with Nikki Eisenhauer, LLC- Life Coach to Therapists, Healers, Seekers and Dreamers about her Livestream and in-person events coming up including: "Soul Care and Resiliency" & "Unleash the Superpower of High Sensitivity and Healing." She is a podcaster, blogger, and utilizes improv techniques with those healing from childhood abuse. Find her at:


Today's guest is Julianna Davis, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Psychic Medium, and Crystal Healer of Auralux in Los Angeles, back on for a second time discussing her own healing experiences and processes and how she has used non-conventional modalities to overcome trauma, tragedy and loss. FInd here at:

August 2017


My guest today is Dr. Dorine Karlin, ND, LAc. We discuss her utilization of Auricular Medicine. The ear is a micro system of healing connected to the Central Nervous System, Cranial Nerves, and the Spine. We'll also will discuss her Holistic Naturopathic Medical Practice and how she can help you! Find her at:


My guest today is Ilene DIllon, MFT, LCSW talking about: her 45 years in private practice working with clients to help them transform, her 16 books, and the 3 radio programs she hosts- WOW! FInd her at:


Today's show with Melissa Richman, Psy.D, LCSW, DAPA is an enlightening conversation about terrorism and racism as a violation of safety in relationships, and how we can restore wholeness.:


Dani Rukin, CPCC, PCC is back for a 2nd time to talk about living your life's purpose based your own core values in order to move through fear and uncertainty and find your voice.


Today I'm with Intuitive, Mark Mezadourian who works with with the guidance of Spirit and Angels as a healing practitioner to shift energy and patterns with his clients in workshops and one on one sessions.  A guided meditation is included in this show!

FInd him

July 2017


Today I speak with Debi Saltzberg while sharing a bottle of vino, and talking all about her cool and informative podcast on food, wine, farming, and restaurateurs! She has over 30 years experience in the food, wine, and hospitality industry with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from UMass Amherst. Find her at:


I'm with Tantric Relationship Coach, Corey Folsom talking about: intimate communication, sacred sexuality, and Tantra as a deeper expression of the divine self. Find him at:


Today I'm with world expert on Loss and Grief, Author of 5 books and speaker: David Kessler. He co-authored two bestsellers with the legendary Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, and has received praise by Mother Teresa.  He's featured on CNN, NBC, Fox, PBS, Dr. Oz,, Anderson Cooper 360 and The Huffington Post. Find him at:


My guest is NY Times bestselling author Dr. Judith Orloff. She and her work with Empaths and Highly Sensitive people has been been featured in: O Magazine, Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, Self, Cosmo, The Washington Times, Scientific American, New York Post, Today Show, Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, CBS, CNN, PBS, and NPR,, iVillage, WebMD, AOL Health, and Psychology Today. Find her at:

June 2017


Amadaes is an Astrologer, Clairvoyant, Medium, and Intuitive Artist talking today about the Cancer New SuperMoon energy to help you heal and surrender. FInd her to book sessions at:


From the best of "All Things Therapy" : Today's guest is Katherine Woodward-Thomas, MFT: New York Times bestselling author of "Calling in the One" and "Conscious Uncoupling." She offers coaching training programs and online courses below:


I'm with Patricia Forrester today talking about her book: "Nice Girls on Top: Compassionate and Highly Effective Leadership For Women."  Find her at:


My interview today with author Brian Peyton Joyner about his book, "The Wisdom of Stones." We discuss the struggle of the main character to come out as gay though he is a Southern Baptist preacher. Find the author at:


My guest today is Real Estate Agent Erin Barnes of Keller Williams in Los Angeles.  Her team is #1 in Los Angeles and #3 in the world of all Keller Williams teams.  We are discussing buying your first home in Los Angeles.  Find her at:

May 2017


My guest is Actor Xavier Owens talking about "Acting as a Healing Modality and Reconditioning." It's a wonder drug that he would prescribe for anyone to, "step out of one's shoes and into another reality."  

FInd him at:


My guest today is Nina Watt, MFT, LPC an expert in relationship counseling.  Today we talk about couples and the role of social media on mental health.  Find her at:


Laurie St. Clare Szucs is an Evolutionary Astrologer, and additionally certified as a Reflexologist, Massage Therapist, and Reiki Practitioner.  FInd her at:


Today I speak with Architectural Glass Artist, Laurel Porcari on her Public Art Commissions and monumental glass installations. We have worked together and she is an inspiration:

April 2017


Therapist Bridget Falcon, LPC is on today talking about coupling, marriage, polyamory, intimacy, and sex. Find her at:


Interview with International Model and Actress, Bec Doyle who started her career at 8 years old in Australia. We're going to talk about life, her career, and share some laughs! Find her at:

March 2017


Today's show with Certified Coach Dani Rukin, CPCC, PCC whose clients include: Google, UNICEF, US Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, and Aveda.  Find her at:


Interview with John Gray, International Bestselling author selling over 50 million copies of: Men Are Mars, Women Are from Venus. We are discussing his new release: "Beyond Mars and Venus: Relationship Skills for Today's Complex World."


My show today with NiK Kacy. We talk about gender equality in fashion and the bio/socio/cultural reasons they are building a beautiful Brand of handmade gender equal shoes:


My show with Randy Peyser. She is an Author, Speaker, Editor, provides Manuscript Analysis, and connects Authors with Literary Agents and Publishers, does Book Proposals, and Copywriting.  Find her at:

February 2017


Jo Englesson is Author of "Source Movement" and an Inspirational speaker helping people live more fulfilled lives.  Find her at:


Amadaes is a frequent guest speaking about Astrology, Clairvoyant Artistry, and Medical Intuition. Today we speak about the linguistics and syntax of curse words.  Find her at:


A powerful show today with Ora Nadrich: Life Coach, Huffington Post Blogger, Mindfulness Meditation Coach, featured in "Belief" series on OWN, speaker, and author of: Says Who? How One Simple Question Can Change the Way You Think Forever.


My first solo show today: Inter"sex"tion of Greek Mythology, Psychology, Astrology, and Spirituality... I talk about the transformation of Chiron (the archetypal Wounded Healer) with an Admonition, Affirmation, and 3 Steps every listener can use to break old patterns quickly to be happier, more prosperous, experience more love, and ... ...

January 2017


JulieAnne Searles, MFT founded Moo Moo Musica in 2002. Their mission is to promote world peace through music, dance, and art making with children by building connections to people of all cultures:


Today's show features Richard Kuritz speaking about Literary Development, Business Marketing, and Public Relations specific to The Effect of Effecting Effective Communication.  Find him at:


Julianna Davis is a Medium, Psychic, and Reiki Master Teacher in 6 Reiki Systems. She teaches: Intuitive Development, Crystal Healing, and Meditation at her business, Auralux. Find her at:


Benjie Balser, Esq and Partner at Next IP Law Group LLC.  He works with: Patent drafting/prosecution, Intellectual Property, consulting, Trademarks, etc.  Schedule a call with him about your idea at:

December 2016


Today I speak with Historian and Guide, Adina Oubre of The Whitney Plantation; the first and only US Museum and Memorial to slavery, and a site of memory and consciousness paying homage to all enslaved people:


Today's show features Marc Treitler: Father, Author, Corporate Attorney, and Recovering Alcoholic. FInd his book: "My Dad is an Alcoholic-What About Me?" on


Carolyn Bufkin is a Psychic Medium and Astrologer. We discussed upcoming transits for 2016-2017. You can book sessions wiht her at:


Today's guest is Amadaes, Medical Intuitive, Astrologer, Clairvoyant Artist. Book sessions with her at:


Dr. Erving Polster is a Founder of Gestalt Therapy, author of 6 books, and Director of The Gestalt Institute in San Diego. Find his books on and

November 2016


Tisha Morris, Feng Shui Master, speaking about "Feng Shui for the Holidays." Also an Interior Designer, Intuitive Energy Healer, Yoga Instructor, Author of 4 books, PodCast Host, Blogger, and Founder of Earth Home School of Feng Shui can be found at:


Jamie Lerner, MSW utilizes Intuitive Integrative Therapy sessions to change storylines, explore the contrast, shift powerful feelings related to loss, disappointments, misalignments, etc and can help you navigate changes.


Linda Misleh Wagner is an obesity survivor who gained and lost over 1000 lbs before she found peace.  From a Palestinian family, her book: As Is: Confessions of a True Fatty detail her journey. Find her at:

October 2016


Candi Cross is a Ghostwriter and Editor who can help you with every stage of book publishing from concept to contract. Find her at:


Antoinette Kuritz has over 20 years in the book business as a: Book Developer, Publishing/Media Coach, Publicist, Publisher, and Founder of the La Jolla Writer's Conference.  Find her at:


Dr. Kathleen Lewis is a Chiropractor who utilizes Quantum Biofeedback and is an Atlas ProFilax Method Practitioner.  Find her at:

September 2016


Donna Carol Voss is an author, speaker, and blogger who candidly shares her life experiences to help others through her writing.  FInd her at:


Today's guest is Leilani Heno, she holds both an MBA and BS in Marketing, Author of 3 books, Public Speaker, Business Mentor, Entrepreneur, Owner and Founder of X-Trainers in New Orleans, LA.  FInd her and her team of trainers for weight loss, health and well-being at:


My guest today is Tracy Lee Jones, she's a Women's Business Coach/Mentor and Founder of the Feminine Business Model.  Her clients are featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Esalen Institute, and the Huffington Post among others.  Find her at:


My guest today is Master Healer, Channeler, and Teacher: Divojananda Nithya. She utilizes the Cellular Resonance Technique (CRT) among other healing modalities to treat her clients physical and emotional pain.  She can be contacted for Skype or In-person sessions at:


Today's guest is Reiki Master: Rachel Collier of Way Chill Reiki.  She conducts healing sessions and classes in Los Angeles, CA and New Orleans, LA. Find her at:

August 2016


My show with Michelle bestselling author of: "Sell Your Business for More Than It's Worth and Think and Grow Rich Today." She has been featured on: ABC, CBS, NBC, Forbes, Fox News, and MSNBC. 

FInd her at:


My interview with Dr. Craig Martin: Author, Homeopathic Doctor, Spiritual Counselor, Astrologer, and Founder of the Los Angeles Astrology School. FInd him at:


Amadaes is an a Clairvoyant Artist, Medical Intuitive, and Astrologer.  Schedule sessions with her at:


Tisha Morris, Feng Shui Master, Interior Designer, Intuitive Energy Healer, Yoga Instructor, Author of 4 books, Pod Cast Host, Blogger, and Founder of Earth Home School of Feng Shui can be found at:

July 2016


Dr. Gerald Loren Fishkin has been in Private Practice as a Clinical Psychologist for 44 years.  Today we speak about his 4th book which addresses the neuroscience underlying shame, "The Science of Shame And Its Treatment."  Find him at:


This is Allison Shapiro's inspirational story of going from Neuroscience to Director of Marketing at Krispy Krunchy Chicken with over 2100 locations in 39 states and 4 countries.  Find her at:


My guest, Marianne Williamson discusses her 7th New York TImes Bestselling book, "From Tears to Triumph: The Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment". She has authored 11 books, is an International Speaker, and leader on Spiritual Truths and Principles.

June 2016



Carolyn Bufkin is a Psychic, Astrologer, and Medium with over 25 years of experience and available for sessions at:


Interior Designer and Artist, Max Bruni of Max Bruni Interiors, and Founder of the Los Angeles Design Association Industry is my guest today. We talk about her work and how she found both art and design. Find her at:


Today's guest is Michelle Pollino, National Entertainment Reporter for Fox News Radio.  She has been a News Anchor on CBS/NPR, a Film-Maker, has produced and directed over 250 reality show episodes, and was formally a Chef Apprentice, Pilot, and Astrologer.  Find her at:


Brandy Gillmore is a Holistic Practitioner, Motivational Speaker, Energy Healer/Life Coach, and author.  Brandy discovered key factors in the mind that enabled her body to heal. Today she is known for showing others how to do the same, to heal from emotional and physical pain and to completely transform their lives by harnessing the power of their own minds.  Find out more and book sessions at:


Today's guest: Claire Candy Hough is an International Radio Show Host, Reiki Master/Teacher, Author, and conducts workshops on: Twin flame relationships, women's empowerment, near death experiences, and connecting to the Divine within.  Find her for healing sessions at:

May 2016


Today we continue our 2nd of a 3 part series with Medical Intuitive, Astrologer, and Clairvoyant Artist: Amadaes. Amadaes talking about frequency, patterns, and communication.  Book sessions with her at:


Nina Watt, LMFT, LPC is a master therapist who works with individuals and couples and in home couples intensives.  She has offices in both Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR.  FInd her at:



Ann Boroch, CNC and Naturopath.  Author, public speaker, medical intuitive, and expert on treating autoimmune disorders by healing at the cellular level thru a holistic approach.  Find her at:


Beth Carter-Drury, CIC: Board member of The "Yes" Foundation, INC a non-profit teaching persons in wheelchairs the art of glass casting and blowing, a Property/Casualty Insurance Agent for Eagan Insurance licensed in LA and CA, and co-owner of Coconut Beach Volleyball Complex.

April 2016


Today's guest is Katherine Woodward-Thomas, MFT: New York Times bestselling author of "Calling in the One" and "Conscious Uncoupling." She offers coaching training programs and online courses below:


Today's guest is Dr. Sarah Larsen, International Speaker, Medical intuitive, Psychic Medium, and Talk show host on UBN Radio's "Miracle Makers." Her seminars about Palmistry on YouTube have over 275,000 views! Find her at:


Dr. Pat Allen: Bestselling author, International speaker, Harvard addiction specialist, featured on: Oprah, Millionaire Matchmaker, Maury Popich, Geraldo, Fox News, founder of The Want Institute.


Catherine Gray is a film producer, speaker, author, and founder of: An online community that empowers women and provides a platform of tools for them to find their calling and achieve their dreams.

March 2016


My guest today is Amadaes, Clairvoyant Artist, Astrologer, Musician, and Songwriter.  You can schedule sessions with her at:


David Matthew Brown is an International speaker, author, Metaphysician, Healer, and radio show host of "Inside Out" of


Today's guest was Amy Simonetta, a former Professional Ironman140.6mi Triathlete racing as an age group athlete and founder of ASI Endurance, a company that does remote personal training for people who have basic health and fitness goals to those training for an Ironman Triathlon. Amy can be reached at:


Jeffrey Kottler, Ph.D, author of over 80 books translated into over 2 dozen languages including Ny Times Bestseller: "The Last Victim: Inside the Minds of Serial Killers" which became the movie "Dear Mr. Gacy." He has a foundation called: "Empower Nepali Girls" that provides educational scholarships for girls who are most at risk for early marriage or sex slavery.